Did Joe Biden Poop Himself at the D-Day Event?


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Did Joe Biden Poop Himself at the D-Day Event?

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

If  there was any doubt that the United States is no longer a serious country with a serious mainstream media, let's consider it settled science after the internet erupted this morning when it appeared Joe Biden pooped his pants during the D-Day event at Normandy. 

PJ Media's Matt Margolis   covered the more-than-awkward event   where President Biden made several humiliating gaffes, which certainly has Vladimir Putin quaking in his boots having to face off against such senility in Ukraine. However, the circus became even crazier as X users noticed a video clip where Joe Biden bends over in front of Jill in a moment where it looked like he lost control of his bowels. In the same clip, Jill Biden appears to cover her nose to escape the stench. 

Tim Pool,   the purveyor of the hit YouTube political program Timcast, noted, "Oh my god he's pooping," which set off a poopstorm of users laughing at the President on X, not the image that Joe Biden wanted to present in the middle of an election season on a trip abroad. 

The Quartering echoed   the sentiment stating only, "HE POOPED!"  

"Awkward,"   RNC Research posted   with an emoji showing clenched teeth.  

Hundreds of other political commentators then took to analyze whether the President did or did not, in fact, poop himself at a state function. 

However, leave it to the left-wing serious journalists at The Daily Beast to make sure the record on this matter was fact-checked on behalf of the administration. Within hours of the event,   the site had an article   titled, "This Video Shows Joe Biden Did Not—in Fact—Poop Himself at D-Day Event," oddly listed under the "Extremism" category. Whether the extremism has to do with any Chipotle burritos Joe Biden consumed before the event or not, it's unclear.  

In the article, the mainstream shill author defends Joe Biden's engagement as "forceful" despite the President barely excreting the words out for his canned speech. The writer tried to paint laughing at what's a ridiculous scene — whether it's true Joe Biden pooped or not — as some kind of situation where a viewer should be ashamed of himself for thinking such a thing of the President.  

The article branded people laughing at a ridiculous scene as "MAGA Trolls," and the more the author protested, the more it seems the Daily Beast is attempting to cover up a hot turd on behalf of the administration. 

It's embarrassing that we live in a country where we have to legitimately wonder whether our President pooped himself or not. This isn't the first strange act of senility by Joe Biden, but merely the latest in a long list of cringe-worthy moments during his tenure as president. 

The Daily Beast writes this off in their article: "A couple of seconds after the clip the RNC shared online ends, the president locates the chair behind him and takes a seat alongside the rest of the contingent on stage."

Does this make matters better? If the President had trouble finding his seat and attempted to sit on air amid a stage of chairs, that bodes ill for his mental faculties even if his bowel faculties are intact. 

We may never find the truth as to whether President Biden pooped himself, but regardless, America looks like a complete joke under this regime.


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Sean Treacy
Professor Principal
1  seeder  Sean Treacy    one week ago

The best that can be said for Biden is he forgot how to sit and left Macron to do the talking to the actual veterans.

Bottom line: never trust a man whose uncle was eaten by cannibals

Professor Guide
2  GregTx    one week ago

Hang on...

Sean Treacy
Professor Principal
3  seeder  Sean Treacy    one week ago

Joe Biden highlights in Normandy on the 80th anniversary of D-Day:

- Sits in an invisible chair

- Forgets where his seat is

- Talks about how many Russians died in Ukraine

- Gets pulled away by Docta Jill as Macron greets D-Day veterans.

Compare  Trump 5 years ago:

These men ran through the fires of hell moved by a force no weapon could destroy: the fierce patriotism of a free, proud, and sovereign people. They battled not for control andd omination, but for liberty, democracy, and self-rule." 

Professor Principal
4  CB    one week ago

Plenty of old people wear Depends and its not a laughing matter at all. This shows us which some MAGAs are trash. Also, its 'sister' writing about any candidates' wife and family appearances should be to reasonable people off-limits. Especially since reasonable MAGAs have no insight into what is going on in a man's pant. . . while he is dressed in them. Tacky shit is a disgrace. Some MAGAs have low class to pen and article and 'float' it like this one.

No MAGAs would DARE to tell Donald that 'shit' is happening in his pant. . .even if it left a 'print.' This is just unclassy as hell. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. It's like we are in a political 'war' without parameters because Donald won't call off his some tacky 'warriors.' 

Biden is overseas, it's a solemn occasion, and some MAGAs probably could wait for the presidential plane and motorcade to stop and go, respectively. So they could start abusing citizens of this country with SHIT jokes. I can't believe this. After all I have written. . . I still have not expressed how depressing this "article" is to me.

Some MAGAs y'all go low, junior high low, and its sickening to a reader. I desperately, with all my heart, hope these tactics turn MAGAs in the cult off.

America! Wake the F-k up! This is not us, and I damn sure it does not represent me! Wake the f-k up-you have to or we will not survive at this low-level of discourse.

Professor Guide
4.1  GregTx  replied to  CB @4    one week ago
This is just unclassy as hell.

Yep, much like that long running meme of Trump with shit stains. Did you read the link I provided in the other seed?

Professor Principal
4.1.1  CB  replied to  GregTx @4.1    one week ago

You read mine too. And, 'Ditto." As for those Donald shit-stain article. . . I have decided to meet you half-way: I will not comment on them-not one comment or like. Not one 'anything' going forward. It will be telling if MAGAs don't reciprocate (but expected).

Professor Principal
4.2  JohnRussell  replied to  CB @4    6 days ago

I dont think Biden was confused at all. He started sitting down and then realized no one else was starting to sit, so he waited. 

I guess nit pickers could say it didnt look good, but seriously, what sane person gives a fuck? 

Professor Principal
4.2.1  CB  replied to  JohnRussell @4.2    6 days ago

What MAGAs are doing in their chickenshit game is (repeatedly)  highlighting the negative. As we all know, as we look around the world elderly-mature people show demonstrative signs of aging biologically. Politics being a dog eat dog "sport"  or "game" - we have some people (here) who are pointing out every 'marker' that Biden can not help but to display. . . because he is physically old. Aging, being a natural process, tells on itself in numerous ways. MAGAs film Biden's 'every' public and maybe even private move - pointing - to that process. 

So what MAGA is doing is a 'smear' scheme against natural processes of aging. What I would compare MAGA's "training on" Biden's 'every' body movement, shifts, stumbles, and stiffness is this: If you have ever watch a movie or a moving image and someone bends over or squats in. . .oh, normal or rapid succession, and you wish to make. . .something out of it. . . for whatever purposes suits your 'needs' -----you go "slo-mo" on it . . .and just like that . . .you OBJECTIFY the woman or man and forgive me for stating this one - you can objectify the child. Everybody appears different in slo-mo because there is context 'erasure.'

Greg Jones
Professor Participates
5  Greg Jones    one week ago

Well, it was an awkward moment for Joe, no matter what happened.

Joe Biden Move at D-Day Speech Goes Viral: 'Awkward' - Newsweek

The lefties better get used to this kind of thing. There will be no letup in the onslaught of negative publicity given to Biden and the Dems.

Professor Principal
5.1  CB  replied to  Greg Jones @5    one week ago

That man is not shitting himself, he may be confuses as to who the next speaker is 'coming up' which may be him. However, don't give him the benefit of the doubt: Just talk callously junior high SHIT about poops. It a dignified event. . . at least until his fellow so-called, "countrymen" try to exploit a man not sure if he should sit or stand (it appears Jill informs him it is okay to sit - that's what wife's do. . .MAGAs should be proud) but some petty people smell "Shit" where they can't locate it and so they just pick the elderly guy on stage bending over (to sit). Low class. Juvenile. Ignorant. And no decency. As for Donald with his shit stain articles by one of our 'own'. . . that is on him and his presentation. . . Donald does shit on everybody and eventually he will (like the scorpion on the tortoise' back crossing the river 'stoke it to death') turn on MAGAs if they don' do exactly what he tells them to say, write, and 'come.' This time Donald say he will have lists of 'you all' that he wants teach a lesson. That's shitty in anybody's book, because presidents are public servants and should be positive against the troubles the world bring. It's why they are 'hired.' Not to be sadistic or vindictive or carry 'lists' around of people they THINK they are going to 'get.' That said, Donald could be playing for votes, because he surely will be in court (if he lives through his own elderly presidency) and it would be a shame if he slips up-or one of his lawyers-does and lands him in court times over!

Professor Guide
6  Tacos!    one week ago

The pooping thing is pretty juvenile, but there’s no denying how frail and decrepit the man looks. He has no business running for re-election. Just contrast him with President Macron who sprints to some of the veterans and shakes their hands - not because he’s a better person, but because he doesn’t have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Professor Principal
6.1  CB  replied to  Tacos! @6    one week ago

I agree. But they are the 'game' this year and we are the hapless spectators who only have so much 'to do' and say about whom the choices are. It is what it is. President Macron is 46 years old. He is middle-aged not the age of our elderly president. And elderly president should not try to act like 80'ish is the new 40ish. Everybody can see Biden is old. The question is what will we do about it if he wont' quit the race: We shall vote one of the two elderly old dudes who maybe take pills for incontinence because. . . it is what it is.

Professor Principal
6.2  JohnRussell  replied to  Tacos! @6    6 days ago

Donald Trump tried and failed to pronounce the word "tyranny" yesterday.   All that came out of his mouth was "tryyyaa".  Then he just immediately dropped the whole thought and moved on. 

Biden is forgetful, Trump may have dementia. 


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