Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should 'repent,' half-brother says


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By:   National Post Staff

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should 'repent,' half-brother says
Asked whether his half-brother would get re-elected, Kyle Kemper replies: 'I don’t think he wants to'

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Justin Trudeau’s half-brother says the prime minister is a loveable person but should come clean, “repent” and apologize when he leaves office for things he’s done wrong.

In an interview with right-wing commentator Tucker Carlson, Kyle Kemper said the Liberal leader, with whom he shares a mother, Margaret, is also probably disinclined to run again due to Canada’s negative opinion of him. Trudeau has a  net favourability rating of -38 , according to a recent Angus Reid poll.

Asked whether his half-brother would get re-elected, Kemper replied: “I don’t think he wants to.”

“In the beginning, it was all sunshine and rainbows, but now it’s dark, and there’s a lot of negative energy,” Kemper explained. “(People) are putting the negative energy on Justin.”

The nearly 50-minute long interview was posted   online   last month on Tucker Carlson’s website.

Protesters at Trudeau’s public appearances have become increasingly defiant, including staging protests outside events and outings attended by the prime minister. Kemper said he noticed Trudeau showed up with more robust security at a recent, unidentified event.

“They just showed him trying to go to an event a couple days ago, and there were probably like 50 cops as his escort because Canadians are pissed off. It’s angry out there, folks,” Kemper said. “It’s not a way to live.”

He added: “It’s not a good look. He can’t drive around and have a car. He can’t go to a restaurant.”

Carlson shared his concerns about what he called Canada’s declining standard of living.

“Canada has gotten so much poorer … people’s standard of living is dropping,” Carlson said.

“Seems like it,” Kemper responds.

The first thing Trudeau should do after leaving office is to apologize for his mistakes through the Hawaiian practice of seeking forgiveness, Kemper said.

“Start with a Ho’oponopono … apologize, but tell people why you’re sorry too. Come clean. There’s stuff, I’m sure there’s some stuff, just, you know, repent, if you will and move forward in a good path do the best you can, because this is the life that we have to live.

“Respect our children, our grandchildren, our parents, our elders, our ancestors. Carry the flame,” he concluded.

The father of five, who spends most of his time in the U.S. ,   Kemper is supporting Robert Kennedy Jr. in the 2024 U.S. presidential election. He spoke in favour of a decentralized government and railed against Trudeau’s lockdown policies and the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in 2020.

Kemper also came to the defence of his “brother,” whom he said he loved “through and through,” while adding that some of the criticism Trudeau receives is unwarranted.

“Justin’s like a captain of a hockey team; he’s not the manager of it; he’s not the owner of it,” Kemper said, later adding that business interests held more sway than the prime minister.


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No ... Justin's bro is not Jesus ... !

Other than that, yikes Tucker has discovered Canada ... not good, now Putin will trash us.

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I've always said Justin is not even close to being a match of his father, but he doesn't deserve to be toasted by someone as oddball as Kemper nor even referred to by Tucker Carlson. 

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Is he sure this wasn't the temperature the day he gave this interview?


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