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Michael J. Fox Says Alex P. Keaton Would Have Left Republicans Long Before Trump | Cracked.com
Fox says his 'Family Ties' character 'would have left (the Republican party)' when they busted out the red hats

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By: Keegan Kelly May 11, 2023

In a morbidly curious way, I do wish that NBC had somehow decided to reboot Michael J. Fox's playfully political sitcom Family Ties right around 2020 — that January 6 episode would have been spicy.

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie is set to premiere on Apple TV+ and in select theaters tomorrow. The documentary examines the life of one of the 1980s biggest stars as well as his decades-long struggle with Parkinsons in a film described as the story of what happens "when an incurable optimist confronts an incurable disease." Covering the full breadth of the beloved actor and activist's career, Still will take audiences from Fox' humble beginnings in Edmonton, Canada to the heights of the Back to the Futuretrilogy to his current life as an advocate for those suffering from Parkinsons through the Michael J. Fox foundation.

While speaking to Variety about the film, Fox reflected on his first big break in the 1980s show Family Ties, a sitcom about a middle-aged hippie couple whose son rebels against his counter-cultural parents by embracing Reaganism, Wall Street and all things Ayn Rand. When asked what his character, Alex P. Keaton, would think of the current state of the GOP, Fox said his yuppie alter ego wouldn't wear the MAGA hat, explaining, "I don't think Alex would even see Republican and Democrat now. He'd see normal people and crazy, fascist weirdos."

Point taken, but we'd like to advance that Alex would also most certainly be a crypto bro.


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Michael J Fox is a leftist.

He was playing a fucking part. 

Come back to reality.

Fox drew some conservative criticism after an ad began running in Missouri during the World Series. It showed Fox visibly shaking while urging fans to vote yes for stem-cell research and Democratic Senate challenger Claire McCaskill — and no to the Republican incumbent Jim Talent.

“They say all politics is local, but it’s not always the case,” Fox says in the 30-second spot. “What you do in Missouri matters to millions of Americans — Americans like me.”

Fox, who supports research on embryonic stem cells for a potential cure for Parkinson’s, also has lent his celebrity to Democrats Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin, running for the Senate in Maryland, and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, who is seeking re-election. Both politicians also back stem-cell research.

Back to the Future star Fox told the crowd "we are the lucky ones" and that he wanted to "share a bit of that luck" with refugees who want to enter the US.

"I believe that when so much good has been done unto you it's natural to feel a sense of civic or even global responsibility," he told the Beverly Hills rally.

"I consider myself an optimist and that can be a tall order at times for me personally, and more as I see a growing intolerance and lack of compassion and empathy in the world around us.

"But one's dignity may be assaulted, it may be vandalised, it may be cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it's surrendered."

Since 2018, Swift has been outspoken with her fans about   protecting their voting rights ,   encouraging voter registration   and   supporting Democratic candidates . Fox's perspective on the 14-time Grammy winner has gone "full circle," he says, in the sense that he "didn't have an opinion about Taylor Swift when I first heard of Taylor Swift. Now I have a wife and   four kids   who worship her."

Leftists getting their information from a fictional character- what else is new? They listen to Brandon all the time.

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No wonder the once Grand Old Party of Abe Lincoln is now known merely as the gop! It is a horrendous mess anymore. original

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original MAGA!

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So many of my friends on the left have Baba Yaga in their closet.

Must be tough …..


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