NYC says half of those arrested at 2 pro-Palestinian campus protests were not students


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By:    Emma Bowman - NPR

NYC says half of those arrested at 2 pro-Palestinian campus protests were not students

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

New York City officials say nearly half of the 282 people arrested at pro-Palestinian protests on two campuses this past week are not currently affiliated with either school.

The arrest breakdown was released on Thursday by the New York City Police Department and Mayor Eric Adams following mounting pressure for Adams to reveal how many of   those arrested at Columbia University and The City College of New York   were students after his repeated claims that "outside agitators" guided the protests that led to the arrests.

City officials said 29% of the 112 people arrested at a protest at Columbia on Tuesday were not affiliated with the school. At the City College protest, 60% of the 170 arrested were not affiliated with the school, according to   the city's press release .

Police were sent to Columbia University at the   request of school administrators , who had said protesters' occupation of Hamilton Hall was led by individuals not affiliated with Columbia.

As students at campuses across the country protest Israel's war against Hamas in Gaza, with many demanding their universities   divest from Israel , school officials have requested police action.   More than 2,100 people   have been arrested at pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses in recent weeks. But officials in some cities have refused calls from school administrators to disband police to campus protests.

Adams told NPR on Thursday that he sent police to Columbia after learning that "one of the outside agitators' husband was arrested for federal terrorism charges."

He called that the "tipping point," adding "I knew I could not sit back and state that I'm going to allow this to continue to escalate."

Nahla Al-Arian, the person he was referring to,   told The Associated Press   that the mayor had misrepresented her husband's history and her role in the protest.

After a mass of demonstrators marched from Columbia to nearby City College on Tuesday evening, university public safety officers made 25 arrests before calling in the NYPD, which made additional arrests. Police said school officials made the call in response to "violence and vandalism, not in response to peaceful protest."

Students and onlookers have criticized the   heavy use of police force   at the Manhattan campuses — and at   other schools .

City officials have not released further identifying information about the list of individuals arrested at Tuesday's campus protests.

"We turned everything over to the school, and it is up to the school to determine if they're going to release the names of students and non-students," Mayor Adams   told NY1's morning show   on Thursday.

The city also said that protesters' refusal to speak with police has hindered the arrest identification process.

"Most arrested did not cooperate with the NYPD and would not provide information — slowing down the process of identifying whether they had any affiliation with Columbia or CCNY," read the city's press release.

A spokesperson for the mayor's office told NPR that, for the arrested protesters who did not provide their names, the city worked with school officials who determined affiliation with Columbia or CCNY using their mugshots. NPR has reached out to both schools for clarification on their processes.


jrDiscussion - desc
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1  seeder  Hallux    3 weeks ago

The fog twixt 'them' and 'us' thickens like some Dickens 'more please' gruel.

Mark in Wyoming
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1.1  Mark in Wyoming   replied to  Hallux @1    3 weeks ago

Oliver Twist reference, though the gruel served there was some what watered down and runny, like bidens diaper after an ice cream.

Professor Principal
1.2  devangelical  replied to  Hallux @1    3 weeks ago

divide and conquer.

PhD Guide
2  GregTx    3 weeks ago


PhD Principal
2.1  seeder  Hallux  replied to  GregTx @2    3 weeks ago

Is your mother tongue Spanish?

PhD Guide
2.1.1  GregTx  replied to  Hallux @2.1    3 weeks ago

Why do you ask?

Greg Jones
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3  Greg Jones    3 weeks ago
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3.1  MrFrost  replied to  Greg Jones @3    3 weeks ago

They were just a bunch of tourists. 

Professor Principal
3.1.1  Texan1211  replied to  MrFrost @3.1    3 weeks ago

oh, good to know.

PhD Guide
3.1.2  GregTx  replied to  MrFrost @3.1    3 weeks ago

Who was?

Thrawn 31
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4  Thrawn 31    3 weeks ago

A good bit of coercion would be telling them they will be in with gen pop.

Buzz of the Orient
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5  Buzz of the Orient    3 weeks ago

Not only were the protesters not all students, but they are being led by a PROFESSIONAL AGITATOR.

Main Columbia protester is professional agitator, has criminal record - report

The millionaire, who has no known links to Columbia University, has a rap sheet dating back to 2005. 

One of the most violent leaders of the Columbia University protests is a professional agitator, according to a  New York Post  report.

It may seem that the majority of protesters are grassroots activists and students. However, according to this report, citing a high-ranking police source, one of their key players – James Carlson – is  “a longtime anarchist."

 LINK -> Millionaire James Carlson may be leader of Columbia anti-Israel protests - The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)

What is America's future when the students are brainless, can be led around and trained like dogs?  Sit.  Beg.  Roll over.  Good boy.

Professor Principal
5.1  Texan1211  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @5    3 weeks ago

Some of the sponsors of some of the protests are also big Biden donors.

I wonder what they were thinking?

PhD Guide
5.2  GregTx  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @5    3 weeks ago


PhD Principal
5.3  seeder  Hallux  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @5    3 weeks ago
James Carlson – is  “a longtime anarchist."

As is the Trotskyist Steve Bannon. 

Mark in Wyoming
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6  Mark in Wyoming     3 weeks ago

Astroturfed, I'm shocked I tell you...,


Professor Expert
7  Nerm_L    3 weeks ago

Well, of course, the protesters weren't all students.  There's faculty (from competing campuses), the press, politicians, extended family, FBI agents, and UN humanitarian aid workers.

We can take comfort in the certainty that we will never hear how many are in the country illegally, how many are Russian, how many are affiliated with hate groups.  But it is safe to assume they're all liberals (in the eyes of the unbiased press) and mostly Democrats.

PhD Principal
7.1  seeder  Hallux  replied to  Nerm_L @7    3 weeks ago

Does the phrase "not affiliated with the school" mean anything to you or are you relying on the tried and untrue "safe to assume"?


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