Israel is more committed to protecting civilians in Gaza than Hamas is


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Israel is more committed to protecting civilians in Gaza than Hamas is
In stark contrast to Israel's efforts to protect Palestinian civilians, Hamas shows a complete disregard for the safety of its own population.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

In the realm of international law, the laws of war represent a critical framework for regulating armed conflicts and minimizing harm to civilians. They are designed to strike a delicate balance between military necessity and humanitarian concerns, emphasizing the protection of innocent civilians who find themselves caught in the crossfire. While straightforward on paper, their application in the complex and fraught environment of conflict is challenging.

The existing conflict between Israel and Hamas has come under scrutiny in the context of these principles. Despite the complex nature of modern warfare, Israel has been making substantial pains (despite Hamas's best attempts) to ensure the safety of civilians in Gaza while also maintaining its right to self-defense.

Under the legal definition of the laws of war, two key principles stand out: the principle of distinction and the principle of proportionality. The principle of distinction requires that parties to a conflict must distinguish between combatants and civilians, targeting only the former. Concurrently, the principle of proportionality obliges parties to ensure that the anticipated military advantage gained from an attack is not outweighed by the expected harm to civilians or civilian property.

One of the remarkable aspects of Israel's efforts during this operation has been its restraint in the use of force. In the face of an unprecedented attack against its civilians, and while still under rocket attacks from Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north, Israel has shown great care in selecting its targets, prioritizing military assets, and minimizing civilian casualties.

Israel has taken measures to notify civilians in Gaza about impending strikes, urging them to leave targeted areas for their safety. This is a proactive measure aimed at preventing civilian casualties and fulfilling Israel's legal and moral obligation to minimize harm to civilians.

In stark contrast to Israel's efforts to protect Palestinian civilians, Hamas shows a complete disregard for the safety of its own population. Hamas has forced its citizens to remain in areas that are likely to be targeted, which undermines the fundamental principles that seek to safeguard the lives of non-combatants and places innocent lives in grave danger. Even though Israel is giving civilians time to try and leave, Hamas continues to disseminate its propaganda and lies in order to manipulate its citizens into being human shields.

Furthermore, Hamas embeds terror assets in civilian areas, such as homes, schools and places of worship. A clear example of these tactics was the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital incident. Hamas and its partners launched missiles from civilian areas, and when the missiles misfired and landed on hospital grounds, they lied and tried to blame Israel (and were somehow believed by the international media). These actions not only disregard international law but also increase the risk of harm to Palestinian civilians.

It is essential to acknowledge the inherent difficulties in conflict zones; unintended civilian casualties can occur despite the best efforts to prevent them. However, the intentions and actions of the parties involved are what truly matter.

Israel is interested in defense, and in protecting its citizens. In fact, the Israeli government has implemented evacuation plans to move its citizens away from areas that might be targeted by Hamas or Hezbollah. So far, the number stands at about 200,000 from both northern and southern borders.

But Hamas's intentions are highlighted in its charter: destroy Israel. The world may see them as "freedom fighters" but their actions in fact hurt the Palestinian people far more than they help them.

Hamas's attack was not that of a legitimate resistance movement. It was an act of terror against Israel, it was an incitement against its own people, and it was a clear violation of international laws of war.


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Professor Guide
1  seeder  GregTx    8 months ago
Hamas's attack was not that of a legitimate resistance movement. It was an act of terror against Israel, it was an incitement against its own people, and it was a clear violation of international laws of war.
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Professor Silent
2  charger 383    8 months ago

3 months ago, who was concerned about residents of Gaza?

Thrawn 31
Professor Guide
2.1  Thrawn 31  replied to  charger 383 @2    8 months ago

No one and they still aren’t, they just wanna go after the Jews some more.

Sean Treacy
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3  Sean Treacy    8 months ago

It's sad so many want to reward Hamas for using human shields and literally shooting Palestinian civilians for trying to travel to safe areas. 

Incentivizing  hostage taking and using civilians to protect military assets is insanely counter productive behavior. 

Buzz of the Orient
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4  Buzz of the Orient    8 months ago

The rest of the world doesn't give a shit about the International Laws of War unless they can be used against rather than for Israel.  Historically, the so-called International Laws of War included the fact that lands of the aggressor nation in a war that are conquered by the defending nation of that war will be deemed from then on to BELONG to the defending nation, not just be occupied by it, UNLESS the defending nation is Israel.  The fact that Israel, as Col. Richard Kemp has said, does more to safeguard the safety of the citizens of a nation it is at war with than any nation in history has ever done, means nothing when all you see and hear is media and demonstrations and protests supporting Hamas and the Palestinians.  Israel has finally been pushed beyond reason to finally do what MUST be done to stop Hamas once and for all, and Israel will succeed in doing so notwithstanding the collateral damage to the Gazan civilians and infrastructure, but do you hear even one fucking voice calling for Hamas to surrender, because that would end the carnage?

Thrawn 31
Professor Guide
4.1  Thrawn 31  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4    8 months ago

That’s where I’m at. Everyone is calling for Israel to back off or expecting the Israelis to take the high road, but not one single call for Hamas to end this thing right now. All Hamas has to do is surrender and it’s over. 

For some reason you don’t hear the people whining about the “poor Palestinians”, that they completely ignore when Israel isn’t defending itself, calling for Hamas to NOT use them as human shields. They aren’t calling for Hamas to cease its activities. Oh no, for some reason the jews are the only ones expected to show restraint. 

I guess the expectation is that the Israelis should just accept oct 7 as a part of life. And of course, many of those who are so concerned about the Palestinian civilians have not expressed one single shred of concern for what was done to those 1400 people on oct 7 and what is still being done to the hundreds of hostages that were taken. 

Buzz of the Orient
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4.1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Thrawn 31 @4.1    8 months ago

You got it, Thrawn 31.  I've given up trying to talk common sense and reality to the bleeding hearts on this site.

Thrawn 31
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5  Thrawn 31    8 months ago

I find it odd that for some reason Israel is the only side expected to show restraint. Where are the calls for Hamas to stop using schools and hospitals as weapons depots? Where are the calls for Hamas leadership and militants to stop hiding in refugee camps or using crowded apartment buildings as their headquarters? Why doesn’t anyone who supposedly cares about the Palestinians (they don’t) go after hamas for intentionally trying to get as many of them, especially children, killed as possible?

All this crap about the suffering of the Palestinians in this conflict makes me sick. These people never have given a shot about them and still don’t. Far as I can tell it is just a way to attack Jews.

For those pushing for some sort of ceasefire I ask this, and then what? Hamas has already flat out said they will attack Israel again, they have already said they want to wipe Israel and the Jews living there from the face of the earth. So Israel is just supposed to let them recoup and try the same shit over and over?


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