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By:   Viet Thanh Nguyen (n)

A Dangerous Conflation | Online Only | n+1
We reject antisemitism in all its forms, including when it masquerades as criticism of Zionism or Israel's policies. We also recognize that, as journalist Peter Beinart wrote in 2019, "Anti-Zionism is not inherently antisemitic—and claiming it is uses Jewish suffering to erase Palestinian experience."

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

We reject antisemitism in all its forms, including when it masquerades as criticism of Zionism or Israel's policies. We also recognize that, as journalist Peter Beinart wrote in 2019, "Anti-Zionism is not inherently antisemitic—and claiming it is uses Jewish suffering to erase Palestinian experience."

An open letter from Jewish writers

November 2, 2023

A group of Jewish writers drafted this letter after seeing an old argument gain new power: the claim that critiquing Israel is antisemitic. Editors at a corporate-owned magazine were prepared to publish the letter, but their lawyers advised against it. The writers share this letter in solidarity with those who continue to speak out in support of Palestinian freedom. Add your name here.

We are Jewish writers, artists, and activists who wish to disavow the widespread narrative that any criticism of Israel is inherently antisemitic. Israel and its defenders have long used this rhetorical tactic to shield Israel from accountability, dignify the US's multibillion-dollar investment in Israel's military, obscure the deadly reality of occupation, and deny Palestinian sovereignty. Now, this insidious gagging of free speech is being used to justify Israel's ongoing military bombardment of Gaza and to silence criticism from the international community.

We condemn the recent attacks on Israeli and Palestinian civilians and mourn such harrowing loss of life. In our grief, we are horrified to see the fight against antisemitism weaponized as a pretext for war crimes with stated genocidal intent.

Antisemitism is an excruciatingly painful part of our community's past and present. Our families have escaped wars, harassment, pogroms, and concentration camps. We have studied the long histories of persecution and violence against Jews, and we take seriously the ongoing antisemitism that jeopardizes the safety of Jews around the world. This October just marked the five-year anniversary of the worst antisemitic attack ever committed in the United States: the eleven worshipers at Tree of Life - Or L'Simcha in Pittsburgh, who were murdered by a gunman who espoused conspiracy theories that blamed Jews for the arrival of Central American migrants, and in so doing, dehumanized both groups. We reject antisemitism in all its forms, including when it masquerades as criticism of Zionism or Israel's policies. We also recognize that, as journalist Peter Beinart wrote in 2019, "Anti-Zionism is not inherently antisemitic—and claiming it is uses Jewish suffering to erase Palestinian experience."

We find this rhetorical tactic antithetical to Jewish values, which teach us to repair the world, question authority, and champion the oppressed over the oppressor. It is precisely because of the painful history of antisemitism and lessons of Jewish texts that we advocate for the dignity and sovereignty of the Palestinian people. We refuse the false choice between Jewish safety and Palestinian freedom; between Jewish identity and ending the oppression of Palestinians. In fact, we believe the rights of Jews and Palestinians go hand-in-hand. The safety of each people depends on the other's. We are certainly not the first to say so, and we admire those who havemodeled this line of thinking in the wake of so much violence.

We understand how antisemitism and criticism of Israel or Zionism have been conflated. For years, dozens of countries have upheld the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's working definition of antisemitism. Most of its eleven examples of antisemitism regard comments on the state of Israel, with some open to interpretation enough that they limit the scope of acceptable critique. What's more, the Anti-Defamation League classifies Anti-Zionism as antisemitism, despite the misgivings of many of its own experts. These definitions have scaffolded the Israeli government's deepening relationships with far-right, antisemitic political forces, from Hungary to Poland to the United States and beyond—endangering Jews in diaspora. To counter these sweeping definitions, a group of scholars of antisemitism published the Jerusalem Declaration in 2020, offering more specific guidelines for identifying antisemitism and distinguishing it from criticism and debate around Israel and Zionism.

Accusations of antisemitism at the slightest objection to Israeli policy have long allowed Israel to uphold a regime that human rights groups, scholars, legal analysts, and Palestinian and Israeli organizations have called apartheid. These accusations continue to cast a chilling effect across our politics. This has meant political suppression in Gaza and the West Bank, where the Israeli government conflates the very existence of Palestinian people with Jew hatred the world over. In propaganda aimed internally at its own citizens and externally toward the West, the Israeli government asserts that Palestinian grievance is not about land, mobility, rights, or freedom, but instead, antisemitism. In the last weeks, Israeli leaders have continued to instrumentalize the history of Jewish trauma to dehumanize Palestinians. Meanwhile, Israelis are arrested or suspended from their jobs for social media posts defending Gaza. Israeli journalists fear consequences for criticizing their government.

Characterizing all critiques of Israel as antisemitic also conflates Israel and all Jewish people in the popular imagination. In the last two weeks, we've seen Democrats and Republicans alike gate-keep Jewish identity on the basis of support for Israel. A vague letter signed by dozens of public figures and published on October 23 parroted President Biden's positioning of himself as an advocate for Jewish people based on his support for Israel. When the 92NY postponed an event with author Viet Thanh Nguyen, who had recently signed a letter calling for an end to Israel's attacks on Gaza, its statement began by forefronting its identity as "a Jewish institution." As othershaveobserved, tools to historicize the October 7 attacks are seen as a repudiation of Jewish suffering rather than necessary to understand and end such violence.

The idea that all criticism of Israel is antisemitic extends a view of Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims as inherently suspect; agents of antisemitism until they explicitly say otherwise. Since October 7, Palestinian journalists have faced unprecedentedsuppression. A Palestinian citizen of Israel was fired from his job at an Israeli hospital for a Facebook post from 2022 that quoted the first pillar of Islam. European leaders have banned pro-Palestine protests and criminalized displays of the Palestinian flag. In London, a hospital recently took down artwork by children from Gaza after a pro-Israel group claimed it made Jewish patients feel "vulnerable, harassed and victimized." Somehow, even artwork by Palestinian children was accompanied by a hallucination of violence.

US leaders have welcomed this chance to further conflate Jewish safety with unquestioning, unwavering military funding for Israel with no intention of making peace. On October 13, the US State Department circulated an internal memo urging officials not to use the language of "de-escalation/ceasefire," "end to violence/bloodshed," or "restoring calm." On October 25, Biden doubted the Palestinian death toll and called it the "price" of Israel's war. Such cruel logic will continue to foster both antisemitism and Islamophobia. The Department of Homeland Security is preparing for an expected rise in hate crimes against both Jews and Muslims—it has already begun.

For each of us, Jewish identity is not a weapon to wield in a fight for statist power but a fount of generational wisdom that says justice, justice, you shall pursue. Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof. We object to the exploitation of our pain and the silencing of our allies.

We call for a ceasefire in Gaza, a solution for the safe return of the hostages in Gaza and Palestinian prisoners in Israel, and an end to Israel's ongoing occupation. We also call on governments and civil society in the United States and across the West to stand up against the repression of support for Palestine.

And we refuse to allow such urgent, necessary demands to be suppressed in our names. When we say never again, we mean it.


Leah Abrams, writer

Tavi Gevinson, writer and actor

Rebecca Zweig, writer and filmmaker

Nan Goldin, artist and activist

Naomi Klein

Tony Kushner, writer

Sarah Schulman, writer

Vivian Gornick

Annie Baker, playwright and director

Hari Nef, actor and writer

Ilana Glazer, comedian

Abbi Jacobson, writer and actor

Alison Leiby, writer

Judy Kuhn, actor

Emma Seligman, writer/director

James Schamus, filmmaker

Howard A. Rodman, writer, professor and former president of WGAW

Eli Valley, writer and artist

Emma Straub, writer

Lynne Tillman, writer

Molly Crabapple, artist and author

Hannah Black

Omer Bartov, Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Brown University

Lior Sternfeld, Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies, Penn State University

Sarah Sophie Flicker, organizer, artist, writer and co-founder of Firebrand, The Meteor, The Resistance Revival Chorus, The Citizens Band and The Women's March

Ryan Deitsch, writer, filmmaker, March For Our Lives Co-Founder

Morgan Bassichis, performer

Helen Rosner, writer

Mark Greif, writer

Soraya Nadia McDonald, writer

Fanny Singer, writer

Josh Gondelman, writer

Cyrus Dunham, writer

Laura Kipnis, writer

Nadja Spiegelman, writer and editor

Mark Harris, writer

Cindi Leive, writer

Nico Baumbach

Kate Kohn, freelance writer and independent artist

Noah Kulwin, writer and co-host of Blowback

Sam Marks, playwright

Natasha Lennard, columnist at The Intercept and professor at The New School for Social Research

Jesse A. Myerson, independent writer

Elvia Wilk, writer and editor

Sam Max, freelance writer and film director

Mark Krotov, coeditor and publisher of n+1

Anna Merlan, journalist and author

Sarah Strunin, documentary filmmaker and producer

Ari Brostoff, Senior Editor at Jewish Currents

Keith Gessen, n+1

Eric Wohlstadter, writer

Sam Adler-Bell, writer and co-host of the Know Your Enemy podcast

Claire Buss, filmmaker

Brian Becker, documentary filmmaker

Peter Goldberg, filmworker and writer

Hannah Zeavin, Founding Editor, Parapraxis

Micah Gottlieb, artistic director of Mezzanine

Maris Kreizman, writer

Alex Megaro, filmmaker

Andreas Petrossiants, writer

Alec Niedenthal, writer

Michelle Uranowitz, filmmaker and teacher

Collier Meyerson, writer

Adam Shatz, U.S. editor of the London Review of Books

Sara Skolnick, artist and activist

Lainey Rico Racah, artist

Alison Klayman, documentary filmmaker

Sarah Brin, futurist and writer

Jeremy Hersh, filmmaker

Sophie Ellman-Golan, Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ)

Emma Copley Eisenberg, writer

Hilary Leichter, writer

Arlin Golden, filmworker

Moriel Rothman-Zecher, writer

Julia Fine, author

Adam Gundersheimer, cinematographer and filmmaker

Sasha Geffen, author

Mattie Lubchansky, artist and author

Jason Rosenberg, public health advocate and organizer

Hannah Gold, writer

Caroline Golum, filmmaker and writer

Brian Gersten, documentary filmmaker

Lena Ruth Solow, writer

Sarah Leonard, writer and editor

Chase Berggrun, poet

Jacqui Shine, writer

Jess Zimmerman, writer and editor

Leila Teitelman, writer, theater maker and professor

Temim Fruchter, writer

Sam Weinberg, musician and composer

Jiordan Castle, writer

Drew Burnett Gregory, filmmaker, writer and Senior Editor at Autostraddle

Mik Moore, writer and producer

Katie Halper, host of The Katie Halper Show, co-host of Useful Idiots

Elijah Kinch Spector, author

T Kira Mhealani Madden, writer

Nicola Maye Goldberg, novelist

Samara Breger, writer

Deborah Adelman, writer, Professor Emerita English and Film Studies, College of DuPage

Noelani Piters, writer

Annie Diamond, poet

Sophie Nunberg, writer

Antonia Angress, novelist

Hannah Withers, writer

Maggie Tokuda-Hall, children's and YA book author

Jake Steinberg, writer

Ali Rachel Pearl, writer and community organizer

David Gorin, writer

Hannah Selinger, writer

Lindsay Eanet, freelance writer

Sophia Holtz, writer

Anne Alexander, filmmaker

Harrison Jacobs, journalist and digital director at ARTnews and Art in America

Aaron Freedman, writer

Natan Last, writer

Lily Meyer, writer

chloe feffer, writer

Danielle Lazarin, writer

Jake Maia Arlow, Writer

Charlotte Druckman, writer

Emma Specter, writer

Caren Beilin, writer

Mindy Isser, writer

Makenna Goodman, writer

Emma Goldman-Sherman, playwright and poet

Adin Dobkin, writer

Joshua Gutterman Tranen, writer

Rosamund Lannin, writer

Sarah Rebecca Kessler, writer and professor

Jackie Mansky, writer

Amy Rose Spiegel, author

Joshua Daniel Edwin, poet

Will Harrison, writer

Hannah Lane, writer in situ

Bela Shayevich, writer and translator

Dan Fishback, playwright

Twilight Greenaway, journalist and editor

Sarah Gottlieb, dancer, writer

Marianna Nash

Elizabeth Weiss, writer

Joey Gould, poet and editor

Sophie Reiff, independent writer, UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare

Zachary Zalman Green, poet

Elaine Kahn, writer and founder of Poetry Field School

Gal Amiram, Artist

Ryan Ruby, writer

Rose Lichter-Marck, writer

Phil Weiss, writer

Noah Hurowitz, journalist

Mitchell Plitnick, President of ReThinking Foreign Policy

Liam Benzvi, writer

P.E. Moskowitz, author

Theo Ellin-Ballew, poet

Laura Tanenbaum, writer, activist, professor

Gabriel Winant, historian

Zan Romanoff, writer and author

Lyle Jeremy Rubin, writer

Aaron Gell, writer

Eva Rosenfeld, writer

Lara Langer Cohen, professor and author

Greg Nissan, writer

Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Executive Director, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

Elena Comay del Junco, writer and academic

Joshua Dubler, writer and teacher

Josh Cohen, writer

FT, philosopher

Arlene Stein, Professor of Sociology, Rutgers University

Jackson Howard, writer and Senior Editor at FSG

Kate Levin, writer

Alana Pockros, writer and editor at The Nation Magazine

Ben Lorber, writer

Benjamin Balthaser, Associate Professor of English, Indiana University, South Bend

Greg Nussen, film critic at Slant Magazine

Steven Levine, Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Leor Galil, senior writer for Chicago Reader

Katrina Forrester, writer and professor

Julie Bush, writer and producer

Samuel Black, documentary filmmaker

Raya Shapiro, writer and editor

Ilana Cruger-Zaken, writer

Jenni Miller, writer and editor

Dan Sinykin, writer and professor

Daniel Poppick, poet

Mordecai Martin, writer and Yiddish translator

Elliot Sperber, writer and lawyer

Hannah Lifson, designer

Ezra David Mattes, artist and writer

JT Price, writer and editor-in-chief of Brazenhead Review

Thea Riofrancos, Associate Professor of Political Science

Anne Trubek, writer and publisher

Paul Rosenberg, reporter and editor

Jonathan L. Krohn, writer

David Kurnick, writer and teacher

Miriam Pensack, writer and editor

Dan Berger, historian and writer

Howard Winant, University of California, Santa Barbara

Elizabeth Greenspan, writer

Marcy Dermansky, writer

Sarah Jaffe, journalist and author

Zachary Levenson, writer, editor and professor

Joanne Limburg, writer

Max Asher Miller, author and journalist

Rachel Jane Andelman, writer

So Mayer, writer

Nick Cassenbaum, playwright and theater maker

Natasha Diaz, YA author and screenwriter

Asher Elbein, writer

Jeremy Howard Beck, composer

rax king, writer

Sam Goldner, freelance writer

Johanna Winant, writer

Jason Patinkin, journalist

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Em Goldman, writer and musician

Ben Jay, data journalist and photographer

Rachel Lieberman, dancer and teacher

Juri Henley-Cohn, actor

Lawrence Rosenwald, Professor of English Emeritus, Wellesley College

Carly Usdin, filmmaker

Tristan Zelden, writer

Nadia Baram, photographer

Maxine Kaplan, writer

Sarah Kapit, writer

Agnes Monod-Gayraud, writer and translator

Jamie Peck, writer and podcaster

Avi Steinberg, writer

Andrea Kurland, journalist, writer, editor-in-chief (Huck) and documentary filmmaker

Anita Zsurzsan, independent scholar and writer

Melissa Pinsly, writer and filmmaker

Claire Bentley, writer

Leslie Auerbach, editor and translator

Ben Schrager, actor and writer

Benjamin Kemper, writer

Fred Baumgarten, writer and activist

Emily Wilder, writer, editor and researcher

Emily Heller, television writer and comedian

Jamie Lauren Keiles, writer

Dvora Meyers, journalist and author

Xander Gershberg, writer and editor

Shira Klein, Associate Professor of History, Chapman University

Brian Goldstone, writer

Helen Betya Rubinstein, writer

Jake Romm, writer and editor at Protean Magazine

Mandy Seiner, writer, poetry editor

Aaron Landsman, theater artist and organizer

Sophie Frances Kemp, writer

Federico Perelmuter, writer

Harry Eskin, moving-image archivist

Isaac Zisman, writer

Sammy Loren, writer and curator of Casual Encountersz

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, Senior Reporter, The Appeal

Nancy Ko, writer, critic and historian

Monica Uszerowicz, writer

Dorian Stuber, writer and professor

Sanders Isaac Bernstein, writer

Ken Ehrlich, artist and writer, faculty member at CalArts

Ben Libman, writer

David Klion, writer

Justin Feldman, writer and researcher

Bench Ansfield, writer

Jeremy Levick, writer

Daniela Fuentes-Eckman, writer

Charlotte Rosen, writer and editor

Linda Bosniak, academic writer

Alex Pomerantz, musician/improviser

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Rachel Hinda Roberts, playwright

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Alexander Fredman, writer

Nathan Tankus, writer

Joshua Abramson Cohen, writer

Aimee Levitt, writer

Eli Cohen, photo editor and writer

Peter C. Baker, writer

Umru Rothenberg, artist

Emily Martin

Andy Rose Fidoten, filmmaker

David Naimon, writer and host of Between the Covers

Allison Tamarkin Paller, Seven Stories Press

Rob Goyanes, writer and editor

Aron Lee Rosenberg, writer, activist

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Noah Jacobs, freelance film producer/assistant

Emma Gometz, writer, artist

sierra, therapist and artist

Alana M. Vincent, historian of religion

Kyle Lukoff, author

haley mlotek, writer

Marcia Steinbock, artist

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Emily Lever

A.J. Goldmann, writer and critic

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Derek Baron, writer

Noah Teichner, filmmaker, artist-researcher

Maggie Millner, poet

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Alan Bleiweiss, business consultant/advocate for the vulnerable

Joe G. Wessely, artist and editor

Nina Segal, playwright

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Jeff Sharlet, writer, Professor of English, Dartmouth College

Emily Lipstein, editor

Zara Cadoux, educator and researcher

Jacob Bacharach, writer and critic

Jenny Slattery, documentary producer

Meli Sameh, writer, editor

Sheerly Avni, writer

Melanie Bilenker, artist

Jonathan Tall, journalist

Adrian Levy, writer, producer

Jake Aron, music producer, mixer, musician

H N Hirsch, political scientist, writer

Caroline Conrad, writer and filmmaker

Jason Adam Katzenstein, cartoonist

Damon Krukowski, writer, musician

Hannah Grieco, writer

Daniela Bologna, writer, artist

Melissa Finell, filmmaker

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Hannah Levy, Editor, The Rebis

Emma Silvers, writer

Alex Liebman, artist

Pam Grossman, writer and host of The Witch Wave podcast

Gogo Lidz, Journalist, writer

Della Kurzer-Zlotnick, artist

Amy Kamp, writer

Caitlin Hughes

Harris Kornstein, writer

Natalia Winkelman, writer

Emma Horwitz, writer

Zachary Aborizk, writer and filmmaker

Alyx Gorman, editor

Delia Rainey, writer

Sarah Friedland, filmmaker and choreographer

Rebecca Gross, writer, organizer and academic

Eva Peskin, artist, writer, educator

Dani Martinez, composer

Karen Pittelman, writer

Hannah Kinney-Konre, writer

Daniel Jose Older, author

Eli Nachimson, writer

Steven Louis Goldstein, writer

Miryam Jivotovski, writer, activist

Justin Geldzahler, writer/filmmaker

Joe Eichner, writer

David Cohen, filmmaker and editor

Sadie Dupuis, writer

Clarke Sondermann, artist

Maurice Goldberg, artist

Never Angeline North, author, poet, artist

Danny Caine, poet and writer

Ben Katchor, cartoonist

Aaron Shay, writer and community organizer

Andrew Weiner, writer, academic

Julie Cohen, novelist

Nicole Panter, writer, editor

Jaclyn Zeccola, educator

Ruth Minah Buchwald, writer, comedian, host of lactose intolerant Reading Series

Matthew Whiman, writer and editor

Luke Dani Blue, writer

Lana Schwartz, writer

Pip Caplan, artist

Susana Medina, writer

Alice Proujansky, photographer, writer

Naama Carlin, writer and academic

Keaton Slansky, independent writer, activist, lapsed filmmaker, Graduate Student at The New School for Social Research

Seth L. Sanders, Professor of Religion and Jewish Studies, author of The Invention of Hebrew and From Adapa to Enoch, coeditor of Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge and Cuneiform in Canaan

Cleo Stiller, Editor-in-Chief

Frankie de la Cretaz, writer

Jacob Scheier, writer, poet

Natalie Weiner, writer

Michiums, artist

sally glass, writer, artist, editor

Lauren Sandler, writer

Rachel Krause, copywriter and editor

Charlie Schulman, playwright

Aaron Wolfson, writer

Ben Natan, writer at SB Nation

Nikolai Schulman, writer

Rachel Linsky, dancer, choreographer

Ryan Mandelbaum, writer

Katrina Forrester, writer and professor

Lynne Zeavin, psychoanalyst

Julie Bush, writer/producer

Naomi Asa, writer

Joe Wolfond, writer

Dan Schindel, writer, editor

Gary Barwin, writer and artist

Scott Dillon, writer

Philip Nobel, writer

Jay Babcock, writer/editor

Blythe Marks, writer and editor

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Amy Goldwasser, writer, editor

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Erich Strom, editor and writer

Shana Sippy, Associate Professor of Religion, Centre College

Nikki Columbus, writer and editor

karen whiteson, writer

Hannah Wilker, student

Alex Harrison, editor and critic

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zoe mendelson, writer

Michael Luxemburg, writer, director

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Becky Albertalli, author

Hester Fox, writer

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Karen Pearlston, scholar and activist

Yve Laris Cohen, artist

Eli Winter, musician, writer

Jake Sonnenberg, health justice advocate

Amy Stillman, writer

Geoff Gerber

Naomi Kritzer, writer

Daniel Schwartz, writer, lyricist, playwright

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Scott B. Ritner, Department of Political Science and Program for Writing and Rhetoric, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Daniel Luban, writer and academic

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Jay Eisenberg, writer, actor, co-founder of WeAreMarried performance group

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Eliot Klein, musician, artist

Ryan Smith

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Ely Henry, actor

Naomi Fontanos, Filipina writer

David Mordecai Perry, historian

Kobe Bryan Coo, BS Architecture student, 'MarAPAT' author and head writer, tracker musician

Jay Shifman, writer

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, writer and scientist

Ben Mauk, writer

Ocean Edgar, student, writer

Zylla Black, writer, editor, YouTuber

Rebecca Rubenstein, writer and editor

Jay Deshpande, poet and psychotherapist

Mickey Bloom, writer

Lovey Cooper, editor

Christopher Boone

Matthew Beinart, writer

Adam Brooks, artist

Barry Deutsch, cartoonist and writer

Gayle Brandeis, writer

Kate Gronner, artist

Allan Malkis, activist

Norman Chernick-Zeitlin, artist

Arielle Cohen, writer and communications strategist

Grace Glads, writer

Jonathan Graubart, author, Jewish Self-Determination Beyond Zionism: Lessons from Hannah Arendt and other Pariahs

Tsela Barr, artist

Cassandra Jensen, writer and editor

Mayahan Carmona, educator

Marina Michelson, filmmaker

Michael Levin, musician

Madeleine Wattenbarger, writer

Carina Guiterman, editor, Simon & Schuster

Hannah Aizenman, writer

Jay Schaffner, editor

Phil Goldstein, writer

Michael Levine, author

Alan Gilbert, writer, Professor, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver

Kristin Herbeck, activist

Melanie Gayle Bowman, artist

Michael Kranz, software engineer

Laura McMahon, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Eastern Michigan University

Kayla Levy, writer

Jessie Male, writer and Disability Studies scholar

Anne Wolf, artist

Tamler Sommers, writer and philosophy professor

David Golbitz, writer

Abigail Segel, writer

Liz Speiser, artist

Kate Laster, Artist, writer

Grace Robins-Somerville, writer

Noga Wizansky, artist

Ari Mostov, writer

Yael Krinsky, writer

Jimmy Goldblum, director and writer

Rebekah Erev, artist

Zachary Rice, writer

Morgan Spector, actor

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Harriet Friedmann, writer

Lila Steinbach, student

Jonathan Dresner, historian

Siobhan Burke, writer

Lauren S. Berliner, writer and professor

Jessica Bruder, journalist and author

Ellen Tremper, Professor of English, CUNY Brooklyn College

Sam Greenspan, artist

Joshua Sperber, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Nina Fonoroff, filmmaker

Dr. Matthew Berger, author, From Shtetl To Suburb: An Immigrant Jewish Journey Through Philadelphia

Sandy Gerber, member, Minneapolis synagogue antiracism group

Phoebe Wahl, writer, illustrator

Debra Berliner, public health advocate

Gil Tighe, artist

Sasha Senderovich, Associate Professor of Slavic and Jewish Studies, University of Washington

Abe Ross Levine, writer, reporter, teacher

Franklin Zitter, producer

Shai Porter, writer, editor

Edie Griffin, writer, artist, activist

Jolie Maya-Altshuler, writer and musician

Amy Seroussi, artist

Emily O. Weltman, writer

Danny Abel, filmmaker

Samantha Yelensky Goodner, filmmaker

Megan R. Luke, writer and teacher

Joel Danilewitz, writer

Jacob/Amelia Isaacson, amateur/hobby creative

Sara Friedman, filmmaker

Joe Rivano Barros, editor at Mission Local

Charles Postel, historian, writer

Andrew Miller, musician

Steven Klein, writer and academic

Anna Perry, writer, artist, scientist

Menno Ong, attorney

Debra Landau, choreographer, dancer, aerialist, director, writer

Jordan Strafer, artist, filmmaker

Gemma Barnett, actor, writer

Sophie Moskowitz, software engineer and sometimes artist

David Beus, translator

Benjamin Moser, writer

emet ezell, poet

Ted Scheinman, journalist, author

F.I. Goldhaber, poet, essayist, fiction writer

Eleanor Stern, writer, video essayist

Lucas Scheelk, poet

Nina Berclaz, artist

Calli Ryan, artist

Ros Schwartz, translator

David Myer Temin, writer and professor

Aine Gormley, lecturer

Rebecca Schneid, writer

Dylan Shir, artist

Leon Dische Becker, writer, editor

Rachel Afi Quinn, writer and professor

Dr. Adina Lundy, researcher

Camille Charriere, writer

Seth R. M., artist

Lily Gurton-Wachter, writer/scholar

Dori Midnight, writer

Sophie Hurwitz, writer

Maya Schindler, artist

Madeleine Bazil, writer and filmmaker

Sally Wolchyn-Raab, artist

Sarah Spring, filmmaker

Asher Levinthal, documentary filmmaker

Serkan Ozturk, writer

Anna Dumont, art historian

EJ Marcus, writer, comedian

Jordan Hirsch, musician

Miriam Adelman, poet, researcher and translator, Professor Emeritus, Federal University of Parana, Brazil

Adam Y. Stern, academic

Jared Beloff, poet

Sharyn Blum, artist, designer, writer, editor

Natalie Adler, writer, editor

Sierra Pettengill, filmmaker

Samira Feldman Marzochi, sociologist

Brant Rosen, writer, liturgist, poet

Ron Knox, writer

Sarah Marian Seltzer, writer

Theresa Lister, translator

  1. Melt, poet

Rivka Yeker, writer, editor and community organizer

Sonia Ruscoe, artist

Corey Atad, writer

Michael Kazin, historian

Sarah Weinman, writer

Philip Eil , writer and journalist

Brett Martin, writer

Amie Z. Morrison, composer, performance artist

Emma Teitelman, historian

Max Nelson, editor

Lilah Friedland, artist

Jessica Carr, Berman Scholar for Jewish Studies, Lafayette College, Easton, PA

Alex Wermer-Colan, writer, translator, editor

Sara Seinberg, artist, writer

Shelley Etkin, artist and educator

Anne Bernstein, artist

Sophie Lewis, translator and editor

Susan M. Reverby, Professor Emerita of the History of Ideas and Women's and Gender Studies, Wellesley College

Lawrence Rosenwald, writer, translator

Todd Chandler, filmmaker

Kathryn Levy, poet

Jonathan Drucker, songwriter

Eloise Goldsmith, writer

Julie Fain, publisher, Haymarket Books

Natasha Bergman, musician, actor

Eli Friedman, writer

Emmett V. Pinsky, writer, arts worker

David Kahane, writer, political theorist

Zach Samalin, writer and professor

Elena Novak, freelance writer and member of the National Writers Union

Felicia Davin, writer

Amie Z. Morrison, composer, performance artist

Alexandra (Sasha) Weiss, writer

Jonathan Woollen, translator, publishing worker

Erica Friedman, writer, editor

Rachel Mannheimer, poet

Jacqueline Feldman, writer

Perri Meldon, writer and historian

Jenny Fran Davis, writer

Medaya Ocher, editor

David Waldstreicher, historian

Isaac Butler, writer

Emma Gorenberg, writer, educator

Lizzy Saxe, writer

Stephen Lurie, writer and organizer

Ben Steiner, artist and engineer

Nicolas Krief, writer

Pol O Duibhir, writer/blogger

Eric Marlin, playwright

Claire Schwartz, culture editor, Jewish Currents

Sandra Butler, writer

Alexandra Tanner, writer

Candice Breitz, artist

Joe McDowell, educator, artist

Kathy Engel, poet

Eli Jelly-Schapiro, writer and professor

Sam Eichner, writer

Sophia Schlesinger, poet

Susan Engel, professor

Ayaz Muratoglu, writer

Henry Freedland, writer, editor and musician

Ryann Liebenthal, writer

Mimi Eisen, writer

Juana Berrio, cultural producer

Rob Arcand, writer

Beverly Gologorsky, writer

James D. Bloom, teacher, writer

TaRessa Stovall, writer

Lyra Walsh Fuchs, writer, editor

Charles Star, writer, podcaster

Ian Dreiblatt, poet, translator, and soup-maker

Raina Lipsitz, writer

Alison Fairbrother, writer and editor

Zachary Siegel, writer

Ben Becker, artist

Blythe Eden Kanis, artist

Marilyn Hacker, poet and translator

Michael Grossman, designer, archivist, editor, tech ethics activist

Spencer Ackerman, journalist and author

Katz Tepper, artist

Sam Zucker, filmmaker

Adam Bresnick, teacher and writer

Marian Leighton Levy, independent music company founder

Benjamin Case, researcher and writer

Aaron David Kerner, translator

Pete Segall, writer

Gerald Lajoie-Restrepo, artist

Nikolai Melamed Kleivan, Morgenbladet

Theresa Ganz, artist

Jessie HF Hammerling, researcher, UC Berkeley

Kirby Chen Mages, writer, artist

Annelise Orleck, writer, historian, educator

Sam Sax, writer

Liza St. James, writer

Lucas Schaefer, writer

Andrew Schenker, writer

Suzanne Grace Demko, writer

Lainie Keper, unionist, activist

Rachel Ossip, editor

Sam Venis, writer

Miche Budin, artist, activist

Saifur Rahman Khan, writer and teacher

Camille Levy Sarfati, writer, curator, filmmaker

Andy Hines, writer

Jeff Wood, artist, educator, theatermaker

Shelly Silver, filmmaker and artist

Charlotte Rubin, writer and human rights lawyer

sunny harris, writer

Kathryn Sabbeth, professor

Emily Green, writer

Adahlia Cole, artist, photographer

Johannah King-Slutzky, writer

Danuta Berger, freelance musician

Georgia Hampton, writer

Rob Rice, filmmaker

Lillian Fishman, writer

Taylor Minas, writer

Tyler McBrien, writer, editor

Kurt Suchman, writer

Daniel Stein, law professor

Cari Gardner, community organizer

Daniel Waite Penny, journalist

Hannah Feldman, writer and professor

Adrienne Brown, writer and professor

Yakov Hirsch, writer

Bruce Robbins, writer and academic

Gabriel Fine, writer

Sonia Feigelson, writer and editor

Harvey J. Graff, historian and professor emeritus

Sandee Lippman, editor

Justin Fedich, writer

Sarah Jean Grimm, poet

Zack Schlosberg, writer

Lotte Crawford, academic

Tyler McBrien, writer, editor

Andy Ratto, writer

Elianna Kan, writer, literary agent

Nicola Maye Goldberg, writer

Sean Keeley, writer and editor

Santi Carneri, writer, photographer, filmmaker

Claire Kahane, professor, writer

Eli Petzold, bookseller, artist

Ari Weismanchester, comedian

Sara Feldman, Yiddish instructor, scholar

Matthew Paley, artist

Hilarie Ashton, writer and college teacher

Peter Kuznick, historian

Rob Dubbin, writer

Rebecca Clark, writer, professor

Ellen Meeropol, writer

Zoe Dutka, writer

Koby Leff, filmmaker

Linda Hubner, ITDS, Child Developmental Specialist

Robert Meeropol, writer

Mark Bray, Assistant Teaching Professor of History, Rutgers University

Jeff Rice, political science, Northwestern University

Mark Sheldon, writer

Margaux Fitoussi, anthropologist

Michael Robin, therapist, writer

Kelsey Goodman, researcher

Aviva Shen, writer and editor

Suzanne Weiss, Holocaust survivor, author, activist

Andrea Becker, writer, researcher, advocate

Portia Krieger, theater director

Leanne Mella, curator and writer

Paul Weinfield, author, musician, and coach

Allie Gross, writer

Caren Levy-Van Slyke, editor

Kali Fajardo-Anstine, writer

Professor Mike Gibson, urban development consultant and community activist

Daniel Lukes, writer

Hillary Brenhouse, writer and editor

Catherine Schetina, writer and filmmaker

Michael Rothberg, scholar in Holocaust studies

Max Moorhead, writer, agent, editor

Max Fine, writer

Emily Laskin, translator and journalist

Rosalind Galt, professor of film studies

Juliet Kleber, contributing editor, n+1

Mark Goldwert, copywriter

Alex Kanefsky, writer

Lincoln Spector, former humorist, current film blogger

Sarah Jill Rubin, writer, editor

Michael Wolfson, creative

James Presson, writer

Sam Asher, Associate Professor of Economics, Imperial College London

Naomi Sussman, writer, historian

Brian Benson, writer

Micah Piven, architectural designer

Jacob Smith, podcast producer

Adam Golfer, artist

Peter Ekegren, retired senior lecturer

Laurie Levinger, writer

Ali Castleman, writer and editor

Jasper Diamond Nathaniel, writer

David Marcus, writer and editor

Debby Wolfinsohn, writer

Isabel Kaplan, writer

Julie Wolk, organizational consultant, activist, writer

Sam Geballe, artist

Sam Rappaport, writer

Daniel Sherrell, writer and climate activist

Leah Velez, writer

Matthew Mearns, attorney

Laura Gordon, artist and filmmaker

Molly Rosen Marriner, writer and editor

Amanda Grossman, artist

Tessa Andriopoulos, strategist

Karen Vost, artist

Sophie Abramowitz, writer and scholar

Naomie Romano, artist

Anna Shechtman, writer

Sydney Fuller, student

Lynne Peskoe-Yang, investigative journalist

Eli Rudavsky, writer and filmmaker

Alexander Theodore Moshe Cocotas, writer

Paul Breines, retired academic

Holly Higgins, retail

Zachary Finkelstein, artist

Mary Geraghty, history teacher

Rebecca Falkoff, writer, professor

Jacob Montgomery, writer

Zoey Hyams

Emma Keates, writer

Sophie Herron, poet and former 92NY staff

Tallulah Bark-Huss, writer

Amanda Nash, activist

Rachel Miller, medical field

Matthew Siegel, poet

Mary Zoeter

Talia Gorstein, student

Jessica Ritz, writer

Alex Remnick, interdisciplinary artist, DJ, producer

Vance Dietz, physician

Nathan Rand, writer

Nati Charney, student

Chelsea Ross, writer and artist

Sasha Costanza-Chock, writer

Tai Shani, artist

Maya Buffett-Davis, artist

CJ Ronan Nelson, illustrator

Jennifer Silverstein, mental health clinician, writer

Emil Kerenji, writer

Lazer Lederhendler, literary translator

Brook Becker, writer

Katherine Silver, writer, translator, interpreter

Maura Barrios, historian, writer

Micki Boden, writer

Jake Bittle, journalist

Lauren Gutterman, historian, professor

Dr. Monica Prendergast, professor

Andrea Lawson Gray, writer

Dee Howard, writer and artist

Jake Levin, writer and artist

Randi Axelrod, educator

Adam Schorin, writer

Tal Yarden, video artist, theater maker

Tova Benjamin, writer

Yonah Aviva, writer and student

Sean Gullette, writer, filmmaker, actor

Farrell Greenwald Brenner, writer

Felicity Taylor, pensioner

Alexa Derman, writer

Jennifer Gilmore, writer

Tobias Huttner, scholar, teacher

Deborah Hirsch Carver, reader

Miller Oberman, poet

Leila Register, writer/illustrator

Sarah Levin, writer, artist

Robert Brenner, writer

Cindy McPherson, American Jew

Shivaun Watchorn, editor, writer

Jenny Kutner, writer

Avery M. Guess, poet

Kevin Tucker, writer, publisher, musician and chef

Max Delsohn, writer

Adam Roberts, writer and donor organizer

Susie Rivo, filmmaker, activist

Anna Boorstin, writer

Penelope Dick, student

Haley Jakobson, writer

Sarina Hahn, artist

Hanna Wellish, artist

Miriam Felton-Dansky, writer

Rebecca Bornstein, writer, educator

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, artist and writer

Max Bledstein, sessional academic, University of New South Wales

Max Alper, composer, educator, writer

Katie Marya, writer and translator

Champe Barton, writer, journalist

Jonathon Mello, playwright and labor organizer

Susan Pashkoff, writer, political activist

Zoe M. Raphael, actor and artist

Josie Abugov, writer

Judith Elliott, educator

Andrew Fox, songwriter

Erina Duganne, writer

Egina Manachova, writer

Lila Rachel Becker, theater artist

Shterna Goldbloom, artist

Sarah Perchikoff, writer

Allison Brown, editor

Jocelyn Silver, writer

Jameson Rich, writer

Michael Meeropol, writer, lecturer, radio commentator

Susan Bernofsky, writer, translator

Dana Gold, lawyer writer, activist

Shoshana Rivers, psychotherapist, writer

Jonas Benarroch, filmmaker, progressive Jewish activist

Alexandra Cohen, writer, comedienne

Rachel Sweeney, writer, director, actor

Spencer Slovic, writer and filmmaker

Jeff Schioppa, union rep

Marina Weiss, poet, writing teacher, therapist

Jason Horn, writer

Natasha Jacobs, musician, composer

Helene Klodawsky, filmmaker

Melissa Oresky, artist, educator

Gabrielle Lawlor, artist

Dan Goldman, writer and artist

Charles E. Schwartz, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine

Sarah Kaufman, writer and composer

Meg Gamble, baker

David Yaffe, writer and professor, Syracuse University

Yasmine Lucas, PhD Candidate and writer

Ali Millar, writer

Sara Roberts, psychologist

Erica X Eisen, writer and editor at Hypocrite Reader

Yankel Rey, writer

David Moscoe, writer with Spring Magazine

Amy Horowitz, writer, activist, scholar

Rachel Solnick, academic

Jessica Deutsch, artist

Dylan Tate-Howarth, poet and dramaturge

Alisa Solomon, writer

Allison Stachel, educator

Jesse David Fox, writer and podcaster

L. Kinsler, writer

Tatiana Ansin, artist

Marisa Budnick, artist

Jonah Gold, photographer

Greg Afinogenov, historian, writer

Emily Friedman, art historian

Amanda Paige Inman, writer

Danny Unger, poet, writer

Leah Wendzinski, artist

Tali Levi, artist

Molly Kaplan, musician and academic

Matthew Stein, filmmaker

Emery Tillman, artist

Lauren Klein, writer and professor

Dara Messinger, documentary film programmer

Rebecca Jacobs, cultural producer

Victoria Restler, writer/artist/scholar

Julia Selden, actor

Scott W. Stern, writer

Alexa Karolinski, filmmaker

Remi Kalir, writer, educator

Edward Frumkin, writer

Gideon Fink Shapiro, writer

Leah Galant, artist

Philip N. Cohen, sociologist

Luciana Arbus-Scandiffio, writer

Raine Fefrara, writer

WL Chapkis, writer

Jon-Luc Kelly, activist

Lindsay Meiman, writer and activist

Raquel Smoot, counselor

Lance Rubin, author

Katie Schorr, writer

Andrea Brenner, social services

Matthew Specktor, writer

Maya Solovej, writer, editor

Bob Danton, writer, researcher, academic, artist

Debra Levine, writer and teacher

Justin Cohen, author, activist

Hallie Berkson-Gold, organizer

Simon Schlesinger, writer/artist

Gracie Rittenberg, artist

James Marcus, writer, editor, translator

Celeste Chan, artist and writer

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jrDiscussion - desc
Professor Principal
1  seeder  JBB    8 months ago


Perrie Halpern R.A.
Professor Principal
1.1  Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  JBB @1    8 months ago
Seriously... as journalist Peter Beinart wrote in 2019, "Anti-Zionism is not inherently antisemitic

No it doesn't.... BUT it does mean that they don't believe in the state of Israel, and that is something I can't get on board with.

Junior Expert
1.1.1  George  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @1.1    8 months ago

It’s amazing isn’t it? I group of people who spend their lives in safety compared to most of the world telling a minuscule group of people under constant threat they don’t have the right to exist. Or the right to a homeland. 

Professor Principal
1.1.2  JohnRussell  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @1.1    8 months ago
Zionism intended to change not the Jew-haters but the Jews.

That is from the article. There have always been anti-semitics and anti-semitism might be said to be the basis for anti-Zionism. 

It would all be much simple if Israel was not a nation based on a religious viewpoint. Israel cannot be separated at all from the religion of Judaism. 

I dont think all this will ever be solved. 

Professor Principal
2  JohnRussell    8 months ago

At the present time this is a hopeless situation. Divine intervention might be required. 

Greg Jones
Professor Participates
3  Greg Jones    8 months ago

A cease fire at this point would play right into Hamas hands. They need to release all hostages including any Israeli soldiers first, and then peacefully surrender. Sounds like a lot of pro-Hamas people are willfully ignorant dupes or useful idiots.

Hamas tried to send fighters to Egypt in ambulances for wounded Gazans — US official (msn.com)

Bill Maher Explains Once Again Why Liberals Are Idiots for Siding With Hamas (townhall.com)

Professor Guide
4  Tacos!    8 months ago
Anti-Zionism is not inherently antisemitic

Yes it is. In the abstract, they should have different meanings, but in the real world, they are the same thing.

Zionism exists as a reaction to centuries of anti-semitism (itself a term that functions as a substitute for “anti-Jew.”) Jews have been fleeing occupation, discrimination, and prejudice for millennia at this point. Throughout all this time, they have not had a place of their own they could flee to. Wherever they went, they remained in the minority, subject to persecution. This culminated in the Holocaust.

The international reaction to that supreme achievement in Jew hate was to create a permanent homeland for the Jewish people in the state of Israel. This movement of Zionism had been building for a while, but the Holocaust was the final straw. 

So, Zionism is necessarily tied to the basic survival of the Jewish people. It makes no sense to say you support the people, but not a place for them live. Christians, Muslims, and even the people we call Palestinians, all have places they could go and live in peace, where they can be in the majority. The Jews have places they can go now, because of modern laws protecting them, but other than Israel, not a place where they control their own fate.


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