Soros-funded group disparages Black GOP governor candidate as Uncle Tom: 'All skinfolk ain't kinfolk' | Fox News


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By:   Brandon Gillespie (Fox News)

Soros-funded group disparages Black GOP governor candidate as Uncle Tom: 'All skinfolk ain't kinfolk' | Fox News
A far-left group funded by George Soros is attacking Black Kentucky Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron by aligning his views with those of an Uncle Tom.

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AG Daniel Cameron: It's time to get rid of DEI programs

Attorney General Daniel Cameron, R-Ky., joins 'Jesse Watters Primetime' to discuss the presence of 'government imposed racism' across America.

A far-left group being funded by liberal billionaire George Soros is targeting Kentucky Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron, a Black Republican, with an ad disparaging him as an Uncle Tom.

Black Voters Matter Action PAC, which FEC filings show received millions from Soros' super-PAC, has been running the radio ad on a local R&B station based in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, describing Cameron as "Uncle Daniel Cameron," and accusing him of betraying his race by declaring "all skinfolk ain't kinfolk."

"What's up Kentucky? It's election time, and all skinfolk ain't kinfolk. Over the past few years, we've taken to the streets to demand racial justice, to demand healthcare, and the right to make decisions about our body. And now, Uncle Daniel Cameron is threatening to take us backwards, the same man who refused to seek justice for Breonna Taylor now wants to run our whole state," the ad says.



Black Voters Matter Action PAC claims Kentucky Attorney General and Republican nominee for governor Daniel Cameron is "a threat to the Black community."(Ryan C. Hermens/Lexington Herald-Leader/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

"We can't let that happen. We won't let that happen. On November 7th vote Andy Beshear for governor," it adds, declaring support for incumbent Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear, who is White.

Cameron hit back at the group and accused Democrats, along with other left-wing organizations, of using "racist attacks" solely because he doesn't support their policies. He also called on Beshear to condemn the ad.

"I believe here in Kentucky you shouldn't be judged by the color of your skin, but by the content of your character. The same cannot be said of Joe Biden, out-of-state, radical left interest groups, and the national Democrat Party, who think you can't be Black and conservative," he said in a statement.


"I never faced racism or discrimination while growing up or working in Kentucky until I decided to stand up to the national Democrat establishment. I don't support their policies, so the Left attacks me for my skin color. These racist attacks have been happening for years and the media has either enabled or ignored them," he added, referencing a cartoon published in a liberal paper earlier this year characterizing him in a racist manner.


Republican Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron faces incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear, a Democrat, (above) in the state's gubernatorial race.(Getty Images)

When asked about Cameron's call to condemn the ad, Beshear's campaign referred Fox News Digital to what he told the Lexington Herald-Leader on Sunday, that the ad came from "an African American-led PAC, so we'll let them comment for themselves."

In a Saturday YouTube video, Black Star Network's Roland Martin spoke with Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Action PAC, who defended the ad and doubled down on the racialized attacks against Cameron.


"You don't want to talk about the substance of the ad, he wanted to talk about the Uncle Daniel Cameron. And technically, we didn't call him Uncle Tom right? To do so actually would probably be more of an insult to the actual Uncle Tom," Albright said while discussing Cameron's criticism.

He went on to blast Cameron for being "against" the Black community, citing his decision not to charge the officers involved in the 2020 Breonna Taylor shooting and his approach to healthcare and affirmative action.


The Black Voters Matter PAC accused Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron of making decisions that go "against" the Black community, citing the Breonna Taylor shooting and his approach to healthcare and affirmative action.(Ryan C. Hermens/Lexington Herald-Leader/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

"It's issue, after issue, after issue where he has shown himself to be just as much of a threat to the Black community as the staunches(sic) White supremacists. You don't have to be White to pursue and reinforce White supremacist policies. As we said in the ad, all skinfolk ain't kinfolk," he added.


When asked about Albright's defense of the ad, Cameron's campaign told Fox News Digital his comments were "disgusting."

"Daniel Cameron holds the views of a traditional, conservative Republican. It's disgusting that someone would liken mainstream Republican views to white supremacy. But this is where the modern Democrat Party has taken us: Kentucky's first-ever Black gubernatorial nominee is being called a White supremacist because he is a Republican," Cameron campaign surrogate and Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman Sean Southard said.

"That sort of irresponsible language is an insult to every conservative-thinking person in the state," he added.

The election between Cameron and Beshear will be held Tuesday, Nov. 7.

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Brandon Gillespie is an associate editor at Fox News. Follow him on Twitter at @brandon_cg.

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Junior Expert
1  seeder  George    9 months ago

Once again, the children of the Democratic-Republican party are showing that they are willing to chase down and kill (at least politically) any African American who leaves the plantation.

Professor Principal
1.1  Tessylo  replied to  George @1    9 months ago

Your source is Faux 'news'?


Greg Jones
Professor Participates
1.1.1  Greg Jones  replied to  Tessylo @1.1    9 months ago

If the story is true, what difference does the source make?


Junior Expert
1.1.2  seeder  George  replied to  Tessylo @1.1    9 months ago

Intelligent people debate the content, others the source.

Right Down the Center
Senior Guide
1.1.3  Right Down the Center  replied to  Tessylo @1.1    9 months ago

You could always listen to the ad yourself.  It took me a minute to find.  Of course it is easier to deny the undeniable. 

Right Down the Center
Senior Guide
1.1.4  Right Down the Center  replied to  Greg Jones @1.1.1    9 months ago

Just more PD&D along with denying the undeniable.

Professor Quiet
2  cjcold    9 months ago

What would one think of a white tail deer who approved of the NRA?

Greg Jones
Professor Participates
2.1  Greg Jones  replied to  cjcold @2    9 months ago

So racism is OK if the Dems are doing it?

Are you suggesting that all black folk bow and scrape to their progressive masters?  

That's racism of the very worst kind.

Junior Expert
2.1.1  seeder  George  replied to  Greg Jones @2.1    9 months ago
So racism is OK if the Dems are doing it?

Obviously, we see it here everyday.

Professor Expert
2.2  Krishna  replied to  cjcold @2    9 months ago

A deer approving of the NRA? 
That sort of self-destructive craziness actually exists! This is not hypothetical. Bizarre as it may seem, there is a group who calls themselves “Queers for Palestine”!  

Sean Treacy
Professor Principal
3  Sean Treacy    9 months ago


Professor Principal
4  JohnRussell    9 months ago
"I never faced racism or discrimination while growing up or working in Kentucky 

That tells you about all you need to know. 

There probably some overuse of the name "Uncle Tom" , and it certainly is an insult, but if there was no truth to the concept it would never have been begun to be used. 

I dont know enough about this guy to know if he has earned "Uncle Tom" or not and dont care enough to find out. 

Jeremy Retired in NC
Professor Principal
4.1  Jeremy Retired in NC  replied to  JohnRussell @4    9 months ago
That tells you about all you need to know. 
I dont know enough about this guy to know if he has earned "Uncle Tom" or not and dont care enough to find out. 

So the article tells you all you need to know but you don't know enough.  That makes as much sense as a Kamala Harris speech.

Drinker of the Wry
Senior Expert
4.2  Drinker of the Wry  replied to  JohnRussell @4    9 months ago
"Uncle Tom" , and it certainly is an insult,

By those that never took the time to read this famous novel.

My read portrays Tom as a strong, good hearted Christian man.  He was sold down river.  There, his resiliency, religious beliefs and positive personality gave  hope to his fellow slaves.   His wife loves Tom and is working as a baker and saving her share of her wages to buy her husband back.  Tom is continually treated poorly by the slave overseer and is ultimately whipped to death for refusing to reveal the location of two runaway slaves.  Two slaves that he had encouraged to escape from repeated rapes.

Her portrayal of Tom as a strong man of conscience in the face of evil went a long way in strengthening the abolition movement and moving it to action.  She based the character on a book she had read, The Life of Josiah Henson, Formerly a Slave, Now an Inhabitant of Canada, as Narrated by Himself.  Henson was a very smart, strong and became a leader in his community.  

Uncle Tom is only an insult by those that are ignorant of Harriot Beecher Stowe's character and the results she achieved with him in her novel.

Professor Principal
5  Kavika     9 months ago

Once again we find the same old nonsense regarding the Democrats and Republicans regarding race and political party. 

There is no doubt that Democrats were the party of segregation for years and Republicans were the party of Lincoln and Reconstruction. That is factual history but some insist that it's never changed despite all evidence to the contrary. 

The two major turning points that moved blacks from supporting Republicans to Democrats were FDR and the New Deal which aimed at helping people of all colors while the Republicans seemed to ignore the plight of crushing poverty that was affecting people including blacks. The substantial movement of blacks from the Republican party to the Democrat party took place but until the 1960s there was still a substantial number of blacks that stayed with the Republican party. 

The second turning point was LBJ and the Civil Rights Act and behind that change was Barry Goldwater.

Freedom Summer was when thousands of college students and other minorities went to Mississippi to register voters and Mississippi's answer was violence. Three students were killed and their bodies were found a few weeks later. 

Goldwater believed the Civil Rights Act was unconstitutional and many white southerners felt reassured by Goldwater's words, blacks did not. Shortly before the GOP convention, Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law, making discrimination in public venues illegal.

When Goldwater, in his acceptance speech, famously told the ecstatic convention "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice," The second major movement of blacks from the Republican party to the Democratic party took place and has remained until today.

There were other smaller movements as well, Truman integrating the military being one.

Today, as can be seen by our congress the vast majority of blacks and other minorities are Democrats. It shouldn't be all that difficult to figure out why but some will insist on remaining willfully ignorant.


Professor Principal
5.1  JohnRussell  replied to  Kavika @5    9 months ago

Good explanation, but the ones who need to hear it dont want to. 

Professor Principal
5.1.1  Kavika   replied to  JohnRussell @5.1    9 months ago

Exactly why I posted it.

Junior Expert
6  seeder  George    9 months ago

It always saddens me to see African Americans supporting the party that constantly tells them that they are too stupid too......

Biden thinks they are too stupid to raise their own children

Colleges think they are too stupid to get in without special treatment

Our government sets quotas and preferences becuase they think they can't compete without them. or get jobs without them.

Oregon thinks they can't pass basic tests to graduate from high school. 

Democrats cheer themselves for appointing them to positions,  I'm not going to simply pick the best person. I'm going to pick the best virtue signaling person i can find, who cares if they are incompetent or unqualified. Waves at Kamala

The sad thing is, even if they are eminently qualified, they are forever tainted by how they were chosen.

Professor Principal
6.1  Kavika   replied to  George @6    9 months ago

On one hand, you complain that the Dems think that blacks/minorities are too stupid to do many things and on the other hand you complain that they are appointed to positions only because they are black. Which one is it? BTW there are many other minorities that fall into the same position as blacks. 

You do realize that the vast majority of minorities in Congress are Dems, don't you? Also, they are not appointed they are elected by US citizens.

Junior Expert
6.1.1  seeder  George  replied to  Kavika @6.1    9 months ago

Keep repeating that the vast majority of African Americans are democrats, you might convince someone you have a point, 

Professor Principal
7  CB    9 months ago
AG Daniel Cameron: It's Time To Get Rid Of DEI Programs

Well of course this self-interested fool has casted his lot with the Republican Party and speaks for itself nowadays. What is disturbing is why is he even bothering with DEI programs when they are not for him and his family? That is, why does he imagine himself somebody who needs to save black America from itself?  Just run as a republican secure the votes to win and try to govern as a republican and not even mention his neutered feeling about blacks and skin?

It would seem he thinks he has something to gain by getting a 'rise' out of the Black community. But, could it be a 'black-lash' coming instead on November 7? Honestly, I don't know but I will WATCH THIS SPACE.


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