Westerners and Hamas


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Westerners and Hamas
Am I an idiot? Do I need an idiot's guide to Hamas?

I've said numerous times that Westerners simply don't understand Hamas and, by extension, ME countries concerning their culture, beliefs and motives. While this guy does an excellent job of explaining how a depressingly large section of Western civilization simply doesn't grasp Hamas, the video will seem progressively (no pun intended) more brutal the farther left one is on the Western political scale. 

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jrDiscussion - desc
Professor Guide
1  seeder  Drakkonis    8 months ago

Pretty harsh but accurate, in my opinion. Generally speaking, I think the vast majority of the West do not understand how different non-Western cultures are from us in their thinking. We tend to think that most people are the same, all over the world. While there is some truth to that, parents wanting a future for their children being an example, what is best and how society should look for that to happen is vastly different. 

Sean Treacy
Professor Principal
2  Sean Treacy    8 months ago

Hamas was cutting fingers and eyeballs out of kids.  Many  Progressive Westerners believe merely saying “there are two genders” is violence. 

The world outside the western bubble is much different than that within. 

Sparty On
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3  Sparty On    8 months ago

I understand Hamas just fine.

Hamas must be wiped from the face of the earth.

Full stop …..

Right Down the Center
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4  Right Down the Center    8 months ago

Seems they should show this on college campuses and maybe Congress.  Of course the MSM will run from something like this.

Professor Expert
5  Nerm_L    8 months ago

The point that cannot be repeated too often is that Hamas is not a modern iteration of the PLO led by Yasser Arafat.  Hamas does not care about a Palestinian state.  Hamas is not motivated by geopolitics.


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