30 Nostalgic Photos For Boomers


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By:   Brian Galindo (BuzzFeed)

30 Nostalgic Photos For Boomers
Back when every fancy party had an elaborate Jell-O dessert, and TV stations stopped broadcasting at midnight.

A list of nostalgia that's a little different.  Yep, the ubiquitous 8 track gets the usual mention.  But going past HoJo on memory lane is a rarity. 

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

1.   Nestlé's Quik that came in a tin container and required a spoon to pop open its lid:


5.   Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes with the banana seats that everybody you knew seemed to own:


6.   Duck and cover drills, which were supposed to help you survive a nuclear attack...by hiding under your desk and covering your neck?


8.   Elaborate Jell-O desserts that were served at every party you went to:


10.   Rolling Stone being a counterculture magazine:


16.   Colonel Sanders starring in Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials:


17.   Mr. Whipple in the "Please, don't squeeze the Charmin!" Charmin commercials:


24.   Howard Johnson's restaurants, which were always a stop any time you went on a car trip:


28.   Ben Franklin stores, which were the five and dime that carried all the art and crafts supplies, party supplies, and stationery you could want:


30.   And lastly, the TV test pattern screen that went up at midnight which meant that was the end of programming for day until the next morning:



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Professor Expert
1  seeder  Nerm_L    8 months ago

We didn't do duck 'n cover under our desks.  Our school building was a brand new 1950s modern all glass construction where the outer wall was all windows.  So we went into the hall, crouched next the wall, and pointed our butts at the ceiling; mooning the Ruskies.

Professor Quiet
1.1  Jasper2529  replied to  Nerm_L @1    8 months ago

My schools were old ... like 1910 old. We did the under the desk drills AND the hall drills.

Nice walk down memory lane with the photos!

Professor Quiet
1.1.1  Ed-NavDoc  replied to  Jasper2529 @1.1    8 months ago

Same with me. First elementary school I went to on the AZ/Mexico border was built in about 1920 or so. Sarah Marley Elementary School. I remember doing duck and cover drills in the very early 60's. Old fashioned red brick building that is still in use today.

Junior Expert
2  George    8 months ago

There is one I'm surprised that didn't make the list. Tang, drink what the Astronauts drink.

Professor Expert
2.1  seeder  Nerm_L  replied to  George @2    8 months ago
There is one I'm surprised that didn't make the list. Tang, drink what the Astronauts drink.

Yeah, Tang and 8 tracks seem to make it on most of these Boomer trips down memory lane.  This list had a several that were not the usual stuff.

Ben Franklin and Western Auto were frequent stops for shopping.  Tasty Freeze was the place for burgers and ice cream.  We had a Woolworth's with a lunch counter, too.

Junior Expert
2.1.1  George  replied to  Nerm_L @2.1    8 months ago
Tasty Freeze

Talk about an unholy alliance. Tastee-Freez - Wienerschnitzel

Sophomore Quiet
3  MonsterMash    8 months ago

My Dad refused to stop at a Howard Johnson's saying the food was overpriced for the small portions.

Just Jim NC TttH
Professor Principal
3.1  Just Jim NC TttH  replied to  MonsterMash @3    8 months ago

Mine too and he was right. Stopped once for the novelty of doing so and got the surprise of the prices/portions


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