Coverage of State Superintendent Ryan Walters


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Coverage of State Superintendent Ryan Walters
Oklahomans first elected State Superintendent Ryan Walters in 2022.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Oklahomans first elected State Superintendent Ryan Walters in 2022.

He previously served as the state's education secretary; appointed by Gov. Kevin Stitt in September 2020.

Before then, Walters was CEO of Every Kid Counts Oklahoma and spent eight years as a high school history teacher in his hometown of McAlester. The Oklahoma State Department of Education named Walters as an Oklahoma Teacher of the Year finalist in 2016.

Walters also taught AP U.S. history at Millwood High School and McAlester High School in a pilot course through the Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program; and served as the executive director of Oklahoma Achieves, an education initiative of the State Chamber of Oklahoma.

Lawmakers want to reign in Ryan Walters' handling of federal grants for schools

Lawmakers want the State Education Department to seek "joint approval" from Senate and House leaders before forgoing any federal education grants previously won by the state. #oklaed #okleg

Tulsa World Newsroom podcast: Longtime grant writer says Ryan Walters lied to lawmakers, federal grant money for Oklahoma in jeopardy

The Tulsa World's Andrea Eger and Carmen Forman discuss this month's most popular story with Editor Jason Collington on the Newsroom podcast.

Longtime grant writer says Ryan Walters lied to lawmakers, federal grant money for Oklahoma in jeopardy

"The public has a right to know about his lies. If he's going to lie about federal grants, he's going to lie about anything," claims the writer of $106 million in grants since 2017. #oklaed

Ryan Walters' administration pursuing only those federal grants that align with 'Oklahoma values'

"We are very diverse, and I can't allow myself to think that we're not going to apply for grants simply because of (political) buzzwords or because they would benefit people that look different or believe different things than our superintendent," said Rep. Melissa Provenzano, D-Tulsa. #oklaed #okleg

Oklahoma Legislature's education dispute to spill into public forum with Treat, Walters

Senate leader calls for governor, House speaker and state superintendent to join him in the public meeting to "let the public see what we continue to argue about."

Ryan Walters calls teachers' unions 'terrorist organizations' in heated legislative hearing

With videos: "I don't care if people are triggered by what I say ... My job is to speak truth and find solutions to problems," the state superintendent tells a packed meeting room.

Oklahoma's top education official embraces culture wars

Oklahoma's newly elected Republican head of public schools campaigned for the job last fall on a platform of banning certain books and fighting "woke ideology" in public schools. But now that Ryan Walters has the state's top public education job, even fellow Republicans are worried that Walters hasn't pivoted from campaigning to governing the state's largest agency. Veteran Republican Rep. Mark McBride chairs a key education budget committee and says he wishes Walters would quit taking advice from "a political hack." For his part, Walters says he has strong support in the Legislature and is focused on helping pass a voucher-style school choice plan that would allow parents to spend public money on private schools, including religious ones.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters to expand DEI inquiry to K-12 schools

Before being replaced as Gov. Kevin Stitt's secretary of education, Walters conducted a similar inquiry of higher ed spending on diversity, equity and inclusion. #oklaed

House speaker: Ryan Walters rejected request to appear before legislative panel

"He would be the first agency head in state history to not appear before a House committee at the House's request," Rep. Charles McCall said, adding that he would reach out to the state superintendent about "the implications." #oklaed #okleg

Oklahoma schools must report gender in sports programs as Walters slams Biden rule

In a new mandate from the State Board of Education, Oklahoma public schools also must share whether any of their athletic programs violate a state law that prohibits transgender athletes from participating in female sports at public schools and colleges.

Oklahoma AG's letter: Walters cannot be superintendent, education secretary at same time

The Senate president pro tem sought legal guidance on whether Ryan Walters could serve simultaneously in the state offices, a spokesman confirmed the day after Stitt named a replacement Cabinet appointee. #oklaed

Gov. Stitt replaces Ryan Walters as education secretary

"There was no issue with Ryan Walters' performance as secretary of education," a spokeswoman for the governor said. Walters did not answer questions about whether he chose to resign. #oklaed

Ryan Walters threatens to sue Biden administration over trans athletes proposal

The state superintendent has called a special meeting of the State Board of Education to make clear his intention to oppose the rule proposed Thursday. #oklaed

Stitt, Walters pressure lawmakers to pass contested agency rules

Pressure is mounting on lawmakers after Attorney General Gentner Drummond issued a formal opinion this week that says the State Board of Education doesn't have the authority to craft new agency rules without the Legislature's permission. #oklaed #okleg

Not so fast, Oklahoma AG says after superintendent's push for new rules spurs controversy

Gentner Drummond's now-formal opinion reiterates that the State Board of Education, led by Ryan Walters, may adopt agency rules only when directed to do so by the Oklahoma Legislature. #oklaed #okleg

Ryan Walters says 'pornographic' books found in Oklahoma schools. Districts say otherwise

After being prodded by a state lawmaker to produce evidence of his claims that there are obscene books in Oklahoma's public schools, State Superintendent Ryan Walters alleged that he found four titles containing explicit materials in districts across the state.

State superintendent emails 'pornographic' images to entire Oklahoma Legislature

The images, from graphic novels Ryan Walters says have been found in Oklahoma public school libraries, were previously shown at a State Board of Education meeting.

Walters eyeing teachers' association dues as target of new rulemaking

"This is about the teachers associations being out of step with Oklahoma values," said a spokesman for State Superintendent Ryan Walters. #oklaed

Oklahoma AG's office questions Walters' authority to impose new education rules

The nonbinding legal opinion was issued in response to a Feb. 22 request from a lawmaker who has been critical of the state superintendent.

Oklahoma faith leaders ask Ryan Walters to keep religion out of public education

Their letter was a response to to remarks the superintendent recently made about forming a committee to explore the role of prayer in #oklaed. Walters said he was elected to "bring back traditional values into the classroom."

Political notebooks: Dems accuse Walters, Stitt of double standard

"Where is the outcry?" state party chair asks about accusations against high school coach.

State board approves new academic standards with Ryan Walters' last-minute revisions

"We took out any woke language. This is an agency where woke will go to die," State Superintendent Ryan Walters said of newly approved computer science standards. #oklaed

State superintendent questions whether Oklahoma students should attend state colleges and universities

Three Republican legislators responded to Ryan Walters' statement, saying he has no authority over higher education and "should refrain from discouraging any student from pursuing higher learning." #oklaed #okleg

Oklahoma lawmaker aims to block Ryan Walters' proposed education rules

Rep. Mark McBride has introduced legislation that would bar the State Board of Education from implementing new accreditation rules unless given explicit authority to do so from the Oklahoma Legislature.

Walters wants to demand schools disclose sex-related 'identity' changes to parents, allow partial sex ed opt-outs

State Superintendent Ryan Walters wants schools punished for sex-related matters, including not disclosing to parents "material changes" in a child's identity. #oklaed

Ryan Walters wants to downgrade schools with obscene library materials

Under a proposed administrative rule, districts would be required to submit annually to the State Department of Education a list of all books and other materials in their school libraries.

Higher Ed Regents detail spending, activities on diversity, equity and inclusion at Walters' request

Regents report that less than one-tenth of 1% of state higher education funds have gone to DEI programs over the last decade. #oklaed

Oklahoma lawmakers grill state superintendent on his new education budget

For about two hours, a bipartisan group of lawmakers peppered State Superintendent Ryan Walters with questions about his $3.51 billion education budget request. #oklaed

Attorney and transgender ally fired by Ryan Walters' administration without citing cause

Lori Murphy worked at the agency for 8½ years. The new state superintendent changed the status of her employment to one that doesn't allow her to file a complaint over termination.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters takes push for state-funded private school students, home-schoolers to rural OK

House Speaker Charles McCall was on hand for the new state superintendent's conversation with Atoka-area teachers, superintendents. #oklaed #okleg

Budget request OK'd as Ryan Walters chairs first meeting of overhauled state Board of Education

The newly elected state superintendent received approval Thursday for a revised budget request with $150 million for teacher incentive pay and $100 million for early-grade reading instruction. #oklaed

Walters wants 10-year history of DEI spending in Higher Ed, review of current programs

Gov. Kevin Stitt's secretary of education and newly elected state superintendent has given Chancellor Allison Garrett a deadline of Feb. 1. #oklaed

State Superintendent Ryan Walters calls for performance-based teacher pay raises

In a legislative hearing Tuesday, State Superintendent Ryan Walters said he wants to offer teacher pay raises based on student performance and implement new reading initiatives. #oklaed

State Superintendent Ryan Walters pushes for revocation of TPS, ex-Norman teachers' licenses

In one of his first acts as state superintendent, Ryan Walters directed state education staff to pursue revoking the teaching certificates of two educators who expressed frustrations with a law that limits instruction on race and gender. #oklaed

Stitt overhauls State Board of Education membership as Walters takes office

Four of the six gubernatorial appointments on the board were replaced by Gov. Kevin Stitt on the second day of his second term. #oklaed

Ryan Walters says he plans to 'hold folks accountable' at Oklahoma Education Department

State Superintendent Ryan Walters said purging the state's education agency of "liberal indoctrination" will be a top priority during his first weeks in office, which could include changes to some of the nearly 400 people who work at the Oklahoma State Department of Education. #oklaed

Ryan Walters wins high-profile race for state superintendent

The Republican defeats Democrat Jena Nelson to succeed two-term incumbent Joy Hofmeister in January. #oklaed

Oklahoma Watch: Can the state superintendent candidates do what they propose?

Jena Nelson, a Democrat, and Ryan Walters, a Republican, both have shared their ideas for changes to #oklaed. Most would require legislative approval.

Watch the debate: Nelson, Walters face off in only state superintendent debate of general election

Tuesday night's event hosted by KOKH-Fox 25 TV in Oklahoma City is the only time state superintendent candidates have debated one-on-one. #oklaed

State superintendent candidates present markedly different thoughts on education

The first and likely only state superintendent debate between Ryan Walters and Jena Nelson is scheduled for tonight from 5-6 p.m. on KOKH FOX 25 in Oklahoma City. its website and Facebook page. Read Staff Writer Andrea Eger's profile of both candidates. #oklaed

Race for Oklahoma superintendent: 'We have teachers on both sides' who are polar opposites

The Tulsa World had a front-row seat for their markedly different political rhetoric at recent campaign stops, followed up by one-on-one interviews with Jena Nelson and Ryan Walters. #oklaed

Ryan Walters calls to revoke certification of Norman teacher who resigned over HB 1775

He falsely stated Boismier had been fired from Norman Public Schools after a parent complained of the teacher's objections to the law, which bans certain race and gender concepts from schools.

Watch Now: Stitt's secretary of education wins GOP runoff in state superintendent race

Ryan Walters claims victory over Shawnee Superintendent April Grace. #oklaed

Education secretary, Shawnee superintendent face off in GOP runoff

With no candidate for state superintendent receiving a clear majority in the June 28 primary, Republican voters are asked to go back to the polls Tuesday to choose between April Grace and Ryan Walters. #oklaed

Tulsa Public Schools accused of having books with 'inappropriate sexual material'

Two graphic novels reportedly on library shelves at Tulsa schools were the subject of a series of tweets by Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters on Wednesday accusing the district of "liberal indoctrination." #oklaed

Watch Now: TPS pulls challenged books from shelves until formal review can be done

Tulsa Public Schools has pulled all copies of two graphic novels from its libraries after two state officials denounced the titles as pornographic, the district announced Thursday afternoon. #oklaed

Hofmeister: Walters blocked unrelated early childhood contract due to TPS audit

State Superintendent and gubernatorial candidate Joy Hofmeister accused Secretary of Education Ryan Walters on Thursday of withholding $12 million designated by the Legislature for early childhood programs because of the pending audit of Tulsa Public Schools ordered by Walters' boss, Gov. Kevin Stitt. #oklaed

New federal report highly critical of Oklahoma's use of pandemic relief money for education

A federal audit is highly critical of the handling of Gov. Kevin Stitt's administration, including current Secretary of Education Ryan Walters, of $31 million from a $39.9 million federal grant intended to provide emergency pandemic relief for Oklahomans' educational needs. #oklaed

Watch Now: State education secretary, TPS board members call for transparency, accountability through audit

TPS superintendent says she welcomes any review of the district's practices and processes.

Superintendent, three other statewide races to GOP runoff

Tuesday night's unofficial returns indicate that Oklahoma Republican voters will need to go back to the polls in August to select their nominees for four statewide offices, including state superintendent.

Four candidates on the ballot for state superintendent primary

Republicans will have four state superintendent candidates to choose from for Tuesday's primary election. #oklaed

Gov. Stitt's secretary of education says Texas school shooting is 'not a gun problem,' calls for arming educators

"Teachers, administrators, school staff — absolutely we should ensure that some of them are armed." — Gov. Kevin Stitt's secretary of education Ryan Walters, who is a candidate for state superintendent #oklaed

Bathroom access for transgender students added to legislation, subject of state education board squabble

State House rams through bill segregating school restroom use by "biological sex," while bathroom issue rankles some Gov. Kevin Stitt appointees on state Education board. #oklaed #okleg

State superintendent candidates talk teacher shortage, state funding and new ideas for Oklahoma

April Grace, Jena Nelson, John Cox, and Ryan Walters all appeared at a Tuesday evening online candidate forum hosted by Oklahoma PTA. #oklaed

State education secretary blasts Stillwater schools' years-old restroom policy

At issue is a policy Stillwater Public Schools enacted in 2015 that allows student to use the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity. #oklaed

Stitt's education secretary comes down on schools halting in-person instruction amid soaring COVID absences

Numerous districts across the state announced that they could no longer sustain in-person instruction with the latest numbers of children and employees absent because of COVID and other seasonal illnesses. #oklaed

Stitt's secretary of education joins two district leaders in 2022 race for state superintendent

Ryan Walters is running for state superintendent as a Republican alongside superintendents April Grace, of Shawnee, and John Cox, of Peggs. #oklaed

People to Watch: Ryan Walters looks to bring people together to develop best education system possible

Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters may not get all interested parties on the same page in the coming year, but he hopes to at least get them in the same room.

Ryan Walters: Life-changing experiences happen in a classroom

"As secretary of education, I believe it is non-negotiable that all Oklahoma students have access to the highest quality education possible," said Ryan Walters.

Stitt names new education secretary

Ryan Walters, CEO of Every Kid Counts Oklahoma, replaces Michael Rogers, who resigned but remained in the governor's cabinet as secretary of state.

Ryan Walters: A teacher's perspective on 'raising the bar'

Aristotle once taught that the "the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet." A rigorous, challenging education system will produce students with the grit and intellectual capability to be successful in the most elite colleges and the 21st century job market.

Teacher of the Year finalist: Oklahomans do care about teachers ... and I passionately agree

You hear it pretty commonly.

Educators from Broken Arrow, Jenks, Muskogee among finalists for Oklahoma Teacher of the Year

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister announced the finalists' names Thursday morning during the Oklahoma State Department of Education's annual conference.

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Lawmakers want to reign in Ryan Walters' handling of federal grants for schools

Lawmakers want the State Education Department to seek "joint approval" from Senate and House leaders before forgoing any federal education grants previously won by the state. #oklaed #okleg

Tulsa World Newsroom podcast: Longtime grant writer says Ryan Walters lied to lawmakers, federal grant money for Oklahoma in jeopardy

The Tulsa World's Andrea Eger and Carmen Forman discuss this month's most popular story with Editor Jason Collington on the Newsroom podcast.


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