Davis Stabbing Suspect Carlos Dominguez Recently 'Separated' From School


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By:   Kaitlin Lewis (Newsweek)

Davis Stabbing Suspect Carlos Dominguez Recently 'Separated' From School
Davis police arrested the 21-year-old on Thursday in connection to a series of stabbings near the UC Davis campus.

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A 21-year-old man who used to attend the University of California Davis campus was arrested Thursday in connection to the series of stabbings that occurred near the university this past week.

The Davis Police Department said in an update on Thursday that Carlos Dominguez, of Davis, was detained by officers Wednesday afternoon after several calls were made to police dispatch about a man who matched witness descriptions of the suspect tied to the three separate stabbings. According to the update, Dominguez was found by officers "very close" to where 20-year-old UC Davis student Karim Abou Najm was fatally stabbed on Saturday.

Officers discovered a "large fixed blade knife" on Dominguez Wednesday afternoon and booked him into Yolo County Jail early Thursday morning on a weapons violation, read the Davis police update. Law enforcement added that investigators were also conducting search warrants at Dominguez's residence in the city of Davis and had already discovered "significant and related evidence."

Police later arrested Dominguez Thursday afternoon on two counts of murder in connection to the deaths of Najm and 50-year-old David Breaux, who was fatally stabbed last Thursday.

The Art Building at the University of California Davis is pictured on February 11, 2015, in Davis, California. Police arrested 21-year-old Carlos Dominguez on Thursday in connection to the series of stabbings that took place near UC Davis this past week.Joseph DeSantis/Getty

Dominguez was also arrested on one count of attempted murder in the stabbing of Kimberlee Guillory, who was attacked late Monday night and is in recoverery from her wounds.

In a separate statement, UC Davis said that Dominguez was a third-year student at the university until April 25 after he "was separated for academic reasons." The first stabbing took place just two days after Dominguez was separated.

In an email Thursday, Melissa Blouin, director of news and media relations at UC Davis, told Newsweek that Dominguez was a biological sciences major.

UC Davis said that it was partnering with local law enforcement in its investigation into the stabbings and added that it was "providing support to faculty, staff and students who may have interacted" with Dominguez.

"We urge the community not to rush to conclusions or speculate until all facts are known," the university's statement continued. "We are grateful for law enforcement's quick response and resolution during an extremely difficult period for the city and campus."

Newsweek has reached out to the UC Davis communications team via email for additional information.

All three stabbings in the past week took place within a few blocks of the UC Davis campus, sparking increased security measures around the university. According to previous media coverage, Breaux, who was stabbed in Central Park, was well-known in the Davis community and frequently visited the park to ask residents about their ideas of compassion.

Davis Mayor Will Arnold said in a tribute to Breaux that the 50-year-old resident was known by "many."

"Many of us knew David. We talked with him. We shared in his vision for a kinder world. We connected on what it means to be human and humane. David was gentle and kind, soft-spoken and thoughtful, brilliant and selfless. He will be missed," Arnold wrote.

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Najm, who was stabbed Saturday night at Sycamore Park, was only six weeks from graduation, according to his father Majdi Abou Najm.

"I want this to be his memory—a bundle of energy, a bundle of positivity," he previously told KCRA. "Someone who was full of ambition, proud of his roots, who just wanted to make this world a better place."


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I know that the students will breath easier a bit tonight.

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They caught this guy pretty quickly. TV news said they had a lot of tips from students and other citizens. 

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Good news as this may well be the serial killer.


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